How to Transfer Photos from Picasa to Facebook

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We have already published the process of uploading photos to Flickr from Picasa using the Picasa2flickr plugin. Similarly, you can directly upload photos from Picasa to Facebook too.

Picasa uploader is a nifty tool that adds a Facebook button to the Picasa desktop app so that you can directly upload all your Picasa pictures to your Facebook account.

Here are the steps.

First, install Picasa Uploader on your computer. Click on “Install Now” button.

picasa uploader

If you use Google Chrome then it will ask you to accept the request of launching the application. Click on “Launch Application” button.

external protocol request

A small confirmation dialog box will appear asking you to launch Picasa and import buttons. Click “Yes”.

launch Picasa

It will open Picasa’s configure buttons settings. Click on “Add>>” button given on the middle of the page to add the Facebook button to Picasa. Then click “OK”.

configure button picasa to facebook

Facebook button will appear at the bottom of Picasa desktop app.

facebook upload picasa

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Select the photographs you want to upload to Facebook (use Ctrl key to select multiple images). Now click on Facebook button given below. It will ask your permission to upload the photos on Facebook. Click on “Start Upload” button.

upload from picasa to facebook

It will redirect you to your Facebook account. Click on “Allow” button.

Picasa uploader facebook

If you want to upload photos on existing Facebook albums then select it from the list. You could also create a new album or upload the images present in the default Picasa Photos album.

upload option picasa facebook

After selecting the proper option, click on “Send to Facebook” button. It will upload photos to your Facebook account. After uploading, it’ll display an option button to go to the corresponding Facebook album. Click on it.

facebook album

It will open the uploaded photos in Facebook, asking your permission to approve the photos because it was uploaded using a third party application.

You may also choose Facebook privacy level to check who can see your photos. If you don’t want it to show in your Facebook album then click on “Reject Selected Photos”.

approve facebook photos

That’s how you can upload photos from Picasa to Facebook. This method saves you time and effort if you use Picasa and Facebook on a regular a basis.

Check out Picasa Uploader to easily transfer photos from Picasa to Facebook.

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  1. Asif says:

    Wow, thats a great tip, very helpful.
    Nice to See Guiding Tech in action again after whole one week of silence.

  2. tylercollier says:

    Thanks for writing this up Himanshu! The pictures are great to follow along with.

    I am a developer thinking of creating software that improves the Picasa 2 Facebook experience. It would upload high-res photos, remove the 70 picture limit, and be more reliable instead of leaving you to clean up when uploads fail. If anyone is interested, please show it by visiting

    Tyler Collier