How To Hide the Details Pane, Preview Pane & Navigation Pane In Windows 7 Explorer

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Windows 7 explorer comes with a nice pane based view feature. You can view file details in details pane, preview files in the preview pane and navigate to other files or folders with the help of navigation pane. However, sometimes, you’ll find that you don’t need these panes and they are causing clutter, nothing else. If you don’t use these features then it is better to remove them.

Windows provides an easy option to remove these panes. This post will show you how you can remove them to make the Windows explorer interface clutter free.

1. Open the Windows explorer. You can open it with the help of shortcut keys “Win+E”. Given below is the screenshot of an explorer window having all the three panes activated.

Windows pane

2. Go to Organize –> Layout. Uncheck the panes you want to remove. You may want to retain Details pane because it gives crucial information about the selected file like file size, date of creation of file etc.

windows explorer

Here is the clean and clear look of Windows explorer. The navigation pane and other panes have been hidden as you can see.

windows explorer panes hidden

That’s how you can hide or turn off details, preview and navigation pane in Windows 7.

Do you use these panes often or do you think it’s better to hide them?

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  1. Anchal says:

    Lame Article

  2. Geoff says:

    Ha! I found it useful, thanks dude

  3. skopp says:

    What is the TOP pane ( called? And can you customize it?
    I’ve being searching forever but can’t find any info

    • Abhijeet says:

      Skopp, it’s called the Command Bar. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to customize it and add buttons and all. It can be done through registry hacks I think.

  4. Skopp says:

    Thanks man. I’ll let you know if I find anything useful to do with it

  5. skopp says:

    I found a blog post – – apparently the bar is also known as a Folder Band. Anyway, I’m not going to mess around with my registry as detailed there. If anyone does, let’s hear how it went

  6. Pratheep says:

    I got what I exactly looking for… WOW

  7. theChoiMaster says:

    Thx! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Philip Main says:

    On my computer this only removes it until any screen change occurs and then it is back! How does one turn it off completely?