How to Manually Create a System Restore Point In Windows 7

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System restore is a nice tool in Windows computer to undo any system changes made during installation of a new application. This option can can be used to restore your computer back to the previous state, if you face a problem during installation of a new (and, may be, crappy) tool.

Windows 7 provides an easy way to create a system restore point. Just click on start button on the bottom left and type create restore point in the search box. Click on the result.

create restore point in windows 7

It will open the system properties window. On system protection tab, click on “Create” button.

system properties restore point

“Create a restore point” dialog box will appear. Type the description of restore point. Here I typed date of creation of restore point.

system protection restore point

Windows will start creating restore point. It will take few seconds.

creating restore point

After it completes the process, a notification will appear. Click on “Close” button.

system restore point windows 7

System restore point is successfully created on your Windows 7 computer. Most of the applications automatically create a system restore point during installation but you can always create system restore point manually anytime you want.

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  1. roger says:

    A little while ago I came across a small program from The Windows Club ( , the same people who provide “Fixwin”, “Windows 7 Start Button Changer” and other such lovelies) called “Quick Restore Maker”.
    It is downloadable as a zip file which, when opened and added to the Start Menu or where ever you wish to put it,will provide a one-click restore point for either Vista or Windows 7. I notice, on checking the download page [ ] there is also a new version with which you can name the restore point rather than it be given the generic “QuickRestorePoint Generated”name.
    On my laptop I have the Task Scheduler set to run the program everyday at 15:00 which, due to my habit of downloading and trying out all sorts of freewares, comes in extremely useful when I don’t know which particular piece of software is causing problems. I’m never more than a few hours from a trusted restore point.