Big Stretch Reminder Prompts You To Take A Break From Computer

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If you are a heavy computer user who can spend hours in front of the screen without taking a break then it’s high time you change this habit. It might affect your eyes/wrists negatively and could also cause RSI (Repetitive strain injury).

Big Stretch Reminder is a nice tool which can prompt you to take regular breaks from work by popping up a notification at specified time intervals. As the name of the tool suggests, it reminds you to get up and stretch.

big stretch reminder

Download and install the 314KB file. You can customize the settings, like, set a custom message to display on the screen each time it prompts you.

There are two tabs, General and Advanced. Under the general tab, you can set the frequency of alerts. It can vary from 10 minutes to 3 hours. You can set it to show a random tip or a custom message.

big stretch reminder settings

Under advance tab, you can choose the mode “Non intrusive or Intrusive”. You can also set a micro break for 1 minute to 1 hour. A pop up will appear with the countdown.

big stretch reminer settings 2

Here’s an example of a notification by this tool.

have a break

Download Big Stretch Reminder for timely break reminders.

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