How To Block Certain Websites In Internet Explorer

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You are a concerned parent who doesn’t want his child to visit any unsafe website. Sometime back, we mentioned about Windows parental control feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Probably, this is the best way in Windows to restrict internet access.

But if you don’t feel like going through all the options in parental controls, and only intend to block certain websites, then you could do it in internet explorer.

Here’s a step by step guide to block any website internet explorer.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go to Tools-> Internet Options.

block certain websites internet options

3. In Internet Options dialog box, go to “Content” tab. Under “Content Advisor”, click “Enable” button.

internet options content advisor

4. Go to “Approved Sites” tab. Type the website you want to block in the box given and hit the “Never” button.

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content advisor block certain websites

5. The name of website will appear in the bigger box given below. Notice the red mark before the name of website. It means the website is blocked. You can add as many websites as you want. Click OK

content advisor

6. Set the password and password hint. Now go to “General” tab. Check the box next to “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content”. It means whenever you visit a restricted website, you can access it by typing the password.

Also you can change the set password by clicking on “Change password” button.

content advisor password

7. Now go back to your browser address bar, type the name of website you blocked. A dialog box will appear prompting you to type the password. Now, the site cannot be accessed without the password.

blocked website

Note: This technique is useful only if you use internet explorer as the primary browser. If you’ve got other browsers like Firefox and Chrome installed then chances are your tech savvy kid can switch to them and access the website. However, you could use blockit in Chrome and other similar tools in other browsers to block sites. Even OpenDNS can serve as a website blocker.

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  • Bryn_IE8Team

    Thanks for this straight forward guide! This is a very common question from parents and I am sure they will find this very helpful!

    There is a strong following over on the Internet Explorer page, you should share your knowledge with them:

    IE Outreach Team

    • Abhijeet

      Thanks Bryn for stopping by. Hope you shared this article with folks there. I could not access the FB page for some reason.

  • himanshu

    hey thanks for info. this will help me block some sites not to be accessed by younger siblings

  • Bryn_IE8Team

    Thanks for trying! We are experiencing some technical difficulties and are working to fix the problem!

    Are you a developer? If so, have you tried the IE9 Platform Preview?

    IE Outreach Team

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  • David Guest

    This works very well, but it blocks the websites for ALL logons – what if I only want to restrict sites for a single person, but keep other windows logons free to see any website?

  • Guest

    I am trying this steps but I am facing problem with every site I am trying to open even in yahoo,msn messengers also I have to add password again and again to allow.
    I just want to block two three sites only site not the messengers or other usefull webpage.
    And when ever I open IE I have to add password. Is there any other option like we get add on’s in Chrome and all ?

  • firdose

    thanka what is ur email id to contact with u

  • jamesd1

    This post is really helpful, but I also recommend a really easy way to block websites: using StopDistractions. Check it out:

  • Alan

    Useless, I just wanted to block that annoying ehow thing, now I have to enter a password for *every* site. Had to disable it again.

  • artabman

    We use Inteset’s Internet Explorer Lockdown for this instead of going through all of these steps.

  • Guest

    I go to this page, but I don’t have “Content Advisor” so I can’t press “enable” and follow the rest of the steps. What do I do? Please help.

  • beatoss

    Don’t forget to set “users can see websites that have no rating” in the “General” tab if you want to only block some sites and allow the rest.

  • Zunitalks

    In Windows 7, the Content Advisor choice has been removed from the Content tab. So it is not possible to follow the instructions given above when using Windows 7. It is time to update your instructions for the W7 OS.

    • Peter

      has anyone figured out how to do this on ie10?

  • Jacob Morgan

    I’ve found that There is no Enable button on my computer, I can’t seem to block any sites on my Windows 7, Please help.