How To Erase Chat And Call History In Skype

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Like other instant messaging tools, Skype too has a history feature through which it archives all the chats and call history, and stores them locally on your PC. If you want to erase this history, it can be done. It isn’t difficult to do it but the option may be difficult to locate.

You can look for all Skype conversations and call details by going to View-> History. By default, Skype saves all your instant messages, SMS, calls, voicemails and file transfers. And it’s accessible to anyone who can get hold of your PC.

You could delete the previous chats and call details and disable the Skype history feature by changing the settings.

Go to Tools-> Options.

erase history in skype

On left pane click on “Privacy settings” tab. Then, on the right, click on “Clear history” button.

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skype erase history

A dialog box appears to confirm that you want to delete history. It shows you that all the recorded history will be deleted. Click on “Delete” button.

erase skype history

How to disable Skype history feature

Again, go to Tools-> Options-> Privacy settings. Under “Keep history for” area click on drop down and select “no history”. That’s it, Skype will not save any communication details on your computer.

history skype

Tip: Skype saves all the conversations in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Skype folder in your computer. But it is advisable not to touch this folder to delete your communication records. It might affect other settings of Skype. Erasing history from Skype interface is easier and recommended.

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  1. Dave Brooks says:

    This is fine until the computer is turned off. The next time Skype is accessed the history settings revert back to default (‘forever’) and the history re-appears despite being told that ‘All traces of previous conversations (etc. etc.) will be deleted from your recorded history’ on deletion. Searching through various forums this appears to be a problem for numerous (but not all) Skype users. I upgraded to Skype 5 but have gone back to Skype 4 as had too many other problems with 4.

  2. erica says:

    ho 2 account skype, in uno visualizzo la cronologia delle chiamate nell’altro no, come devo fare x riuscire a visualizzare la cronologia chiamate?grazie

  3. Yaku says:

    Unfortunately, us Windows 8 users can’t delete individual conversations or messages from our Skype history. You have to use SkypeX. If you get it right from the developer, you can still pay the ‘beta’ price.

  4. Lesya says:

    try 3-rd party program – DeleteSkypHistory ( I deleted my sensitive messages sent to one guy. It seems that the program can also clear messages sent in some time period, and restore messages from backup.

  5. leonel graca says:

    This history issue is a nightmare and should be outlawed. Skype keeps tons of personal data. I recommend people start using different chat programs and FK skype off. there are many free chat programs and if you are chatting to friends etc, tell them about the program you are using. SKYPE needs to die fast or change their security data protection methods by allowing deletion of all data and chats. You can guarantee SKYPE monitors many of the chats, that’s MSN wankers and SKYPE together