How To Sync Chrome Bookmarks Using Your Google Account

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If you have made the switch to Chrome and don’t use any other browser then you might as well make use of its inbuilt bookmarks sync feature.

The bookmarks sync feature in Google Chrome backs up your browser bookmarks to your Google account and syncs them when you are on Chrome on a different computer.

Here’s a step by step guide to the entire process.

Click on the wrench icon given at the top right in your Google Chrome browser. Go to “Synchronize my bookmarks”.

bookmark sync chrome

Access Chrome Bookmarks from Anywhere: Why limit yourself when you can sync Chrome Bookmarks to other browsers as well?

In the dialog box that pops up, sign in with your Google account. After signing in, all the bookmarks will get transferred to Google’s servers.

chrome bookmarks sync

If sync feature is already enabled with your current Google account on another computer, then it’ll prompt you to confirm that your existing online bookmarks will be merged with the bookmarks on the computer you are using. Click on “Merge and sync” button to merge and sync your bookmarks.

merge bookmarks

A success notification will appear. Click OK.

sync bookmarks

That’s it. The bookmarks are synchronized now. An easy way to get all your bookmarks on any computer connected to the internet within seconds.

If you make any change in bookmarks on one computer, the change will appear immediately on the second computer. You may sync chrome bookmarks across as many computers as you want.

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  1. Arunav Sharma says:

    chrome has all the answers to my problems.

    i am getting rid of my old pc , but wanted to save all my bookmarks.. thanks to chrome i can continue where i left with my new laptop.

    great going google dudes :)

  2. bobbyd says:

    I also like that I can drag this text window open.Bottom right.

  3. Jinal says:

    The new version of chrome 8.XXX has it under Options>Personal Stuff

    • wildcatherder says:

      Version 18.0 has it under Settings – Personal Stuff. You have to log in to your email account (even if it is open in another tab) to begin the synchronization process.

  4. franck2k5 says:

    And how do you desynchronise? I mean, if you are on a public computer and you don’t want to leave your bookmark on it.

  5. what if I dont see the wrench?

    • Terry Doyle says:

      Yeah, I WISH all tech articles would contain a damned date. This advice is not current, out of date, and the three bars takes the place of the wrench in the upper right.

      However, there is no synch option. Search on…

      OK, under the three bars, Settings->Advanced Sync Settings I chose to sync only my bookmarks and passwords using the pulldown Chose What To Sync. This works as or the date on this post.

  6. Adelia Timson says:

    I have like more than 500 bookmarks, so there’s still a problem that a huge list of bookmarks is shown on my mobile. I don’t manage to find anything I want.

    There’s a website called Favsync ( It stores the bookmarks on the cloud and you can choose which one’s not to show on your mobile and do some more stuff. I recommend.

  7. Mike says:

    version 33.0, go to settings and you will see “sign in” then click “Advanced Sync Settings”… select what you want to sync…press ok .. to make sure that you did correctly…click the blue underline sentence where it says “Google Dashboard” and you will see in the bottom the date and time that was sync.

  8. Raja says:

    I have synced all my chrome settings in my old computer with my google account.Now I will sync it with my new computer.Will the bookmarks and other settings remain,when I sign out from my google account in chrome?

  9. Mega Donn says:

    Can I transfer my bookmarks to a new account? Or do I just have to change the username?

  10. Gaius Baltar says:

    So, how i can access to saved bookmarks on google account? How to edit, or rollback bookmarks on server before sync to local browser?

  11. Nodws says:

    Obsolete article, the only way now is to Sign out then Sign In