How To Make Your Delicious Bookmarks Appear In Firefox Awesome Bar Auto-Search

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Firefox address bar, which is popularly known as the awesome bar, has some unique features. You can type any keyword and it will return accurate webpage results that are in your browser history and Firefox bookmarks.

Now let’s say you want to include your Delicious bookmarks in the awesome bar search results. I think it would be actually wise to get them in those results because most of us love bookmarking stuff but hardly revisit them. Getting them in address bar results would let us access them more frequently.

Assuming you are using the delicious add-on for Firefox, which you should if you use delicious to bookmark stuff frequently, then you could get them in your address bar search results easily.

Go to Tools-> Addons.  Now, go to Delicious Bookmarks options.

delicious addon for firefox

In the options panel, go to “Awesome Bar” tab. Now check the box next to “Enable Awesome Bar integration”. All the boxes given below will also be checked by this action.

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Now read the third and fourth option carefully and check these boxes if you really want to use this feature otherwise keep them unchecked.

Tip: It is better to uncheck the 3rd and 4th box so that your delicious bookmarks appear in search results by default.

awesomebar delicious

Restart your browser and start searching any term by entering a keyword. For example I typed “productivity” in the address bar. As you can see in the screenshot below, my delicious bookmarks are a part of the results now and can be easily distinguished with the delicious icon present on the right side of the search result.

firefox awesome bar

So that’s how you can make your delicious bookmarks appear in the Firefox awesome bar auto search. Know any tips or tricks related to the awesome bar? Share them in comments.

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