How To Open Accidentally Closed Tab In Google Chrome

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Sometimes, while switching through different tabs in the browser, we accidentally click on the cross (X) button which results in the tab getting closed. This is a common problem with Google Chrome users because this browser doesn’t yet included tab overflow feature which is available in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Open accidentally closed tabs in Chrome.

So, if you are a heavy tab user and have got too many tabs open in Chrome then identifying them is a problem, and you could end up spending considerable amount of time to find out which tab you closed accidently when you do. Hence you gotta know how to quickly reopen that tab before you lose track.

There are two methods to open recently closed tabs in Google Chrome.

chrome tabs

Method 1: You could retrieve an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T or right-clicking on the tab bar and clicking “Reopen closed tab”. A new tab will open and it will load the same page you recently closed accidently. If you press Ctrl+Shift+T again then it will open the second last closed tab. This shortcut also works in Firefox.

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Method 2. You can also look for chrome history which is inbuilt feature of the browser. Press Ctrl+H or type chrome://history/ in the address bar (as shown in screenshot below) and it will display you all the tabs you opened previously.


That’s it. These are two methods by which you can instantly open any closed tabs in Google Chrome. Simple, yet useful.

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  1. Sandrina says:

    History is good when I accidentally close couple of tabs and can choose which one to reopen.

  2. Nikki says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thanks, now my close tab back.

  4. Harrrrrry says:

    My browser crashed and I want to re-open all 20 tabs I had before, is there a way of doing this as neither of these methods is very useful.

  5. Dixie0601 says:

    THANK YOU!!!! You saved me a ton of time!

  6. Janknit says:

    I’ve done everything to ‘rescue’ yesterday’s tabs, pinned or unpinned and found out a probable fix, yaay (?). So now I must go back into my History and individually ‘retab & repin’ all of my Tabs. I get losing unpinned Tabs–but my permanent Tabs, WoW.

  7. As says:

    How clever is that! One of the most useful tips, thanks for the enlightenment!

  8. Hyperion Marshall says:

    I don’t know if you’re still answering questions about this, but in case: My biggest problem isn’t accidentally closing a tab. It’s When I lose all of Chrome, and when it reloads, for some reason I don’t have my original set-up, which could include 8 Windows and 70 or more Tabs. This does not happen often, but when it does, it’s such a nightmare to reconstruct what I had set up.

    The reason for this is because Chrome’s History shows when a tab was Opened, not when it was Closed. At least, as far as I can get it to work for me. But I Open and Close literally hundreds of Tabs a night, and Thousands in a week. The Tabs I have opened may have been Originally opened 2 weeks ago.

    I guess what I’m asking is: be there a way to view Chrome’s History through when Tabs were closed? This would be a much more effective way of retrieving the tabs I lost.

    (I know there are Extensions like Session Buddy that will save the Windows-and-Tabs alignment you have at any given time. But I still have to think of it and manually save the session, which I don’t often do, mostly because that’s a hard thing to remember when you’re busy doing 33 things at once.)

    Thank you for your time.


    • Hyperion, there might be a way out which I am not aware of, but being a very heavy tab user let me tell you this – the best way out is to not have that many tabs open. Believe me, that’s what I figured after years of having so many tabs opened and then not bothering about them only until they crashed and never came back. A better thing to do would be to put those webpages in read-later services like Instapaper or use the Evernote web clipper to put it in your Evernote account so that you don’t have to worry about losing them.

    • Amanda says:

      I also have had this problem on countless occassions! There is a setting on Google Chrome that will leave where you left off if all of your tabs were closed unexpectedly. Go into settings and under On Startup and click Continue where I left off. That should help!

  9. bita says:


  10. KitttyKattz says:

    Thanks! xxx

  11. DefenderOfMankind says:

    Thank-you for writing this article and making it so easy to find. You just saved me about an hour’s worth of work

  12. Nad says:

    thanks alot!

  13. Ajay.M kumar says:

    Thank you …!!!!

  14. bonehead says:

    It’s May of 2013, and it appears these are still the only methods of opening closed tabs. If you’ve already closed the browser, though, the history method is the only one that works. I tried Chrome a long time ago and thought it was crap. Now that I know it still doesn’t have the features that Opera and Firefox have, I know Chrome still is crap.

    • calmitdown says:

      Woah. Chrome is not crap. Don’t jump to conclusions that it is worthless when you used it once a ‘long time ago’ and you’re basing your current view on one feature. Don’t be narrow minded and if you want to ‘know’ something about Chrome…try it.

  15. Sahrish says:

    Thank you !… I closed my tab accidentally where I had written God knows how much stuff and that without even saving it ! … You are an angel.. thanks again!

  16. rohit says:

    thax mama

  17. Thankfull says:

    Thanks :)

  18. jessie says:


    • Elias Keene says:

      As an avid story writer myself, it’s always better to write up anything you plan on keeping in Word or Open Office (or whatever you use) first, instead of in an area where you can lose your work. I know it’s too late now, but for anyone else reading, it’s helpful advice. And, erm… sort of off-topic.

      • smartie says:

        Use google docs, autosaves online so even if a hardrive crashes youre good.

    • ishant says:

      hi that’s cool , you writing stories on wattpad!!! i read there a lot

  19. Basuraj Kumbhar says:

    how can i see the tab on my google chrome

  20. tin says:

    I can reopen the closed tabs but the sad thing is that I made a description there and its no longer be seen. all are empty now. can I retrieve those texts?

    • Jon Fisher says:

      Unfortunately, text entered in text boxes like you’re describing, but that have yet been entered, aren’t retrievable because it wasn’t cached anywhere.

      The only logical thing to do is enter “Ctrl+Z” where you typed the description to attempt to get the text back, but it’s unlikely that will work.

  21. piyusha says:


  22. Stephanie says:

    Outdated information… neither of those seem to work now. As for searching the history, I have some that were opened days ago and don’t remember which websites they were. :(

    • The information is not outdated and both the above methods still work. And for searching the history, goes without saying that you need to remember at least some part of their names if not in entirety.

  23. Colin says:

    Thank you!!!

  24. DEANO says:


  25. SK says:

    very helpful.. thanks!

  26. UglyFatMan says:

    The first line (or even the fucking title) of this fucking article should fucking be “Ctrl-Shift-T”. Fucking Christ. Two fucking paragraphs of worthless fucking blather. Fuck you.

  27. Kazutoshi says:

    Thank you so much bro!

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  30. Thank says:

    Thank you.

  31. Shantiann says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After working for more than an hour on an ad for Craigslist, I accidentally closed it!!!! Whew….you saved me!