[Quick Tip] Use Mouse Wheel to Close Tabs & Open Links

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Here’s a nice little trick which makes use of the scroll wheel of mouse beyond its regular job (scrolling through webpages that is). You could use it to quickly open links in separate tabs and close tabs in Firefox and Google Chrome.

Whenever you find a link on a webpage and you want to open it in a new tab, just click on it using mouse wheel. The link will open in a tab in the background without switching to that tab. And if you want to close a tab, just take the mouse pointer somewhere in the middle of the tab and press the wheel…you see what happened?..the tab’s gone!

mouse wheel trick

Suppose if your mouse doesn’t have a wheel or it is not working due to some reason then you could simply hold the ctrl button of your keyboard and click on the link to open it in a new tab.

mouse ctrl key

That was a cool trick, isn’t it? Try it in other browsers and let us know if it works there too.

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  • JasonCook599

    I know that middle clicking works in chromium.

  • naga

    thnq…its nice….

  • HT

    i used to close tabs like that but i cant do it now why