A Review of Kii Keyboard for Android: Interesting One With Text Shortcuts & Gestures

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Kii KeyboardWhile researching on how to hide the virtual keyboard on Android, I tested a few keyboards that are available on the Play Store to see if the hardware key detection feature was there in them. While testing them I came across a promising keyboard app named Kii.

Though the keyboard didn’t offer the option to detect hardware key press, I found it pretty useful otherwise for Android smartphone users and thought to review it. So let’s install Kii keyboard on our Android devices and see what’s great about it.

Kii Keyboard for Android

After you install and launch Kii Keyboard for the first time, it will ask you to activate it in your Android Language and Keyboard settings and you should activate it as the default keyboard for your device. Having done that you can directly start using the keyboard. However, there are many settings and customizations provided by the keyboard you might like to implement to make your typing even better.

Kii Keyboard for Android (2)Kii Keyboard for Android (4)

When the keyboard installs, it automatically detects the default system language that’s configured and downloads the dictionary for it. However, it supports over 34 different languages and if you would like to use any of these, you just need to download the dictionary and check it as one of the additional languages.

One thing you might love about the keyboard is the Text shortcuts. If your friends accuse you of using SMS language and with too many abbreviations, you can use Text shortcuts to automatically replace them with a dictionary word (like BRB to Be Right Back). You just need to add these words manually for the first time and leave the rest to the keyboard.

Kii Keyboard for Android (8) Kii Keyboard for Android (1)

Cool Tip: iPhone users, you may also create keyboard shortcuts for typing faster.

Keyboard Layout and Features

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In Keyboard theme, you can change the layout to split design. This can be useful when you are using the keyboard on a tablet. The portrait mode split is available in Lite version while the landscape mode can only be used if you go for Pro. Other things you can change is the smiley key and the voice input key.

Kii Keyboard for Android (9)Kii Keyboard for Android (11)

One thing about the keyboard fat-fingered people will like is the ability to change the size of keys and spacing between them. Tap on the respective properties you wish to change and just set the percent by which you wish to change and then test the changes by tapping the option Test Kii Keyboard. In the Lite version you can change between some of the available themes that come preconfigured with the app.

Kii Keyboard for Android (10)

The Kii keyboard also supports swipe type keyboard which can be enabled from Gesture & Input. Simply enable the Gesture Typing option while typing. If your phone is bestowed with a powerful processor, you can enable the option to Show gesture trail to make it look beautiful. If you go for the premium version, you can enable gesture controls and use it to use gestures to toggle between keyboard types. Talking about keyboard types, you can change it to directional and symbolic keyboard to use for certain occasions.


So that was pretty much everything amazing about the keyboard. Once you have it configured to your taste, use it for a couple of days before you make up your mind. When comparing to SwiftKey, the only thing I found missing was the ability to customize the user dictionary by learning through Facebook, Gmail, SMS and Twitter activities. But if you continue using Kii keyboard, it will learn it eventually.

Do try out the keyboard on your device and tell us if you like it. If you are thinking about going for the pro version, I would suggest you to try out SwiftKey too first.

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Kii Keyboard for Android
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  • Guest

    How can I create a text shortcut? I mean, I go to settings,language & dictionaries & plugins, text shortcuts, add a shortcut… then try to use it (btw –> by the way) and…. nothing happens!

  • fred

    How to set the keyboard in azerty ? Do you neef the pro version ?

  • Conqwest/Knightwing

    kii keyboard is the best keyboard i have had to date. Trust me when i say kii keyboard can get you a girlfriend!!

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