Easily Combine Two Images Online Using Toolwerk

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We’ve previously talked about an online tool to split images. Sometimes, you might need to combine two images too. And that’s not an option you would find in every other image editor (except for the advanced tools).

Toolwerk’s Image Merger is a simple online tool that helps you combine two different images quickly. It lets you overlap one image onto the other and customize the placement.

On the home page you will find two “Choose file” button. Upload first and the second image by using these buttons. Now click the “Upload” button. It will upload your photos on its server.

In the next step you can see both the images. You could now move and arrange the second picture and place it anywhere on the first image.


Below is an example where we combine our site logo with a system information screenshot we took while working on some article.

Upload 1

Load the image with bigger dimensions first. This is the image that can’t be moved later. Here’s the first upload.


Upload 2

Upload the smaller image with the help of the second “Upload” button given on the page.


Merged image

This is a joined image. Notice that Guiding Tech logo is on the image. You need to download the merged image within 30 minutes because after that it automatically deletes it from its server.


This way you can join or merge two different images. It supports png, gif and jpg image formats.

Check out Toolwerk to join two images.

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