How to Get Windows 7 Visual Style (Aero, Almost) in Windows 8

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One of the most missed features when a user upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is the Aero effects. Windows Aero which was introduced in Windows Vista and gained popularity in Windows 7 was stripped off in the successive versions. According to Microsoft, one of the main reasons to remove Aero was to extend battery life for notebooks and tablets. But still I feel that 10 to 15 minutes of battery extension is nothing when compared to the beautiful Aero interface.

aero theme

A few weeks back, I read some articles online using which one could get back Windows transparency by playing with Windows theme. However, I would not suggest you to go for this trick. The reason being it’s not a fix but a bug of Windows and when applied it makes windows borders completely transparent. If you are using an entry level computer with a weak graphics card then you will notice lags. Plus the bug may be fixed in future and at that point of time this fix might cease to work.

Today we will show you a different trick using which you can get back almost 80% of Windows 7 visual styles in Windows 8. The missing 20% is the transparency.

Get Windows 7 Visual Style in Windows 8

Step 1: First of all we will have to patch Windows 8 so that we can use external themes on it. But before we do that, I would suggest you to create a custom System Restore Point. This way you can revert back to original settings easily if you don’t like the new layout.

Step 2: To patch Windows 8, download and install UxStyle Core on your computer. UxStyle Core works as a simple Windows installer and once installed it patches Windows to support external themes. The installation is pretty straightforward and you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. After patching Windows, save any work you were doing on your computer and restart it.


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Step 3: Once your computer reboots, download Windows 7 Style for Windows 8 Pro and open it using an archive manager like ZipGenius. Now open Run Command box, type in the command %windir%\Resources\Themes and press enter. This command opens your Windows theme folder no matter which drive it’s installed on.

run command

Step 4: Now simply drag and drop the content of archived theme files into the folder and close it. You will need administrative privileges to copy files in the Theme directory. If you are already logged in as administrator, you can simply click on the button Continue and proceed.

extracted files

Step 5: After the files are copied successfully, open Windows desktop and right-click anywhere to select Personalize. This will open up Windows 8 Personalization panel where you can change Windows themes, wallpapers and other visual elements. Here look for the theme Windows Aero under Installed Themes section and wait click on it to apply. Windows will take some time to apply the theme and once it’s done, you’re good to go!

windows 8 aero theme


The theme for Windows 8 does not bring transparency as it was in Windows 7 but gets very close to that. The Windows button, the color of the title and the taskbar gives a feeling of Windows 7. So go ahead and try out the theme on your computer. I am sure you will like the work if you miss out Windows 7 visual styles after upgrading to Windows 8.


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