Skype vs Facetime: Looking For The Best Video Calling Experience on iOS

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FaceTime vs SkypeVideo chat platforms on mobile devices have evolved at an impressive pace. However, even despite many of them being available in the App Store, the two most important ones remain Skype and FaceTime.

The first one is a third party app that brings to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch the experience of the ultra-popular video calling service that became famous on the PC and the Mac. The other is Apple’s own offering, which debuted along with iOS 4 a couple of years ago. Both are open, free, and on paper should perform similarly. Of course, this is not entirely true, and both Skype and FaceTime offer quite a different experience.

Let’s compare both on some important fronts and try to find out which one is the best video-calling service out there.



If you are a heavy Skype user who comes from the desktop clients, then Skype for iOS might shock you a bit. The iOS version of Skype offers mainly a take-it-or-leave-it experience, which might feel a bit limiting especially for those used to the plethora of configuration options that the desktop counterparts of the app offer.

Skype Login  Skype Lists

That said, Skype for iPhone and iOS devices does quite a good job limiting outgoing video in order to save bandwidth.

Skype for iOS also allows you to make calls both through Wi-Fi and cellular, which is one of its biggest assets and something that FaceTime does not fully support yet.


If you thought that having few options in Skype was kind of a letdown, then the amount of options on FaceTime will downright depress you. In fact, about the only choice you have is deciding which phone number or email account you would like to assign to FaceTime calls.

Settings FaceTime  FaceTime Apple ID

This might come as an issue for some, but I think there is nothing wrong with this (not for me at least), since I just want video calls to simply work for me without having to deal with a bunch of settings.

Thankfully, when it comes to actually using FaceTime, this lack of settings and configuration options makes it a truly always-ready experience. There is no need for any buddy lists or friendship confirmation in order to make a video call. You just make a regular call and tap on the FaceTime option or just head to your regular contact list and choose FaceTime from the additional options within each contact. This is one of the positive effects of Apple’s vertical and somewhat closed integration of users’ devices and IDs.

Facetime Contact List  Facetime Contact Option

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On the downside, FaceTime still doesn’t fully support calls over cellular, which is a huge downside, restricting iOS device owners to use it over Wi-Fi only.

Note: Some carriers already allow FaceTime calls over cellular, but support is very limited so far.



When it comes to actually making video calls, Skype performed quite well, with video and audio quality ranging from acceptable when video chatting with someone on another iOS device to excellent when doing so with someone on their desktop or laptop.

Using Skype

Overall, the video calling experience through Skype for iOS is very good with one exception: At times the audio started to lag and to lose sync with the video signal, especially when calling over cellular. It is not a deal barker but definitely affects the whole experience somewhat negatively. On top of that, for some reason 9 out of 10 Skype video calls that I placed stopped abruptly after 2 minutes. This seems to be a bug with Skype, since it also happened when I placed video calls via Skye from my Mac.


When video calling, FaceTime performed admirably, with both video and audio quality being quite better that Skype even over the same Wi-Fi signal. Video quality while chatting with a Mac user was also better than when between iOS devices, although I believe this has to do more with camera quality than with FaceTime itself.

Using FaceTime

Overall, FaceTime definitely performs smoother than Skype, with video calls being slightly more fluid and audio and video being always in sync.


When it comes to compatibility, there is no contest between FaceTime and Skype. If you want to use FaceTime, you have to be an Apple device owner, since Apple’s own video calling app is only available on iOS devices and on Macs running Lion or Mountain Lion (it runs on OS X 10.6.6 as well, but you need to buy it first).

On the other hand, Skype is available in just about every platform imaginable, ranging from iOS devices to Android and Windows phones and of course, on all major desktop operating systems, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Skype Compatibility

Skype or FaceTime: Which One to Choose?

Despite both being very capable video calling apps and each having its own pros and cons, recommending one over the other is fairly easy, and it will depend entirely on your needs.

If you place video calls mostly with other iOS device or Mac owners and you are always connected to Wi-Fi, then FaceTime definitely provides the better experience despite its limitations. If you call friends with devices other than Apple’s, like to call on the go and away from Wi-Fi or are already a Skype user, then Skype will have you covered.

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  1. Kuy4P1n0y says:

    Facetime defnitely. Giving my iPhone 4S to my long distance girlfriend halfway around the world. I’ll buy the new iPhone 5S. Facetime handsdown over Skype.

  2. anmol says:

    Facetime Is The Winner For Sure And It’s The Best..!

    BTW Nice Work By You!

  3. Rick says:

    FaceTime hands down. You will see the difference. I talk to my wife everyday on FaceTime, people across the country and a friend in Columbia. Works perfectly! The only times I have had problems is when CES was in town (I live in Vegas) and twice on really bad stormy days. Other than that. Perfect.

  4. Stephanie says:


  5. Gaz says:

    facetime is great but it is not available on all platforms, not everyone has iphones since androids are now more popular! Apple should make it available on more platforms!

  6. Amir says:

    Facetime is video call quality is always crystal clear. I wish Skype also does some video call magic like them.

  7. JimmyDean says:

    I use SKYPE because most of my contacts do not live in the MAC world.

  8. Nick says:

    I’ve never used facetime so I cannot say which is better. I’ve never owned anything that’s apple related.

  9. carmella whitfield says:

    I go for Skype because you can use text and share the screen on your computer to show what you see on your screen

  10. carmella whitfield says:

    maybe some people might think Skype is not good enough to use but i find it easy and quick to use when i want to talk to my friends playing a game. i play minecraft with many friends all over the world and i have never had a problem. i have friends in china, asia, and even in australia. you say FaceTime has better connection but when i try to talk to my grand parents in chicago i lose connection 3 times in only about ten minutes. and listen to this, I’ve chafed with my friend bella in asia for about 2 hours with only losing connection once. I also don’t even have the greatest internet

  11. carmella whitfield says:

    guess what else you can’t do with FaceTime. you can’t have multiple people in one call. Skype is free and you can really have 100 people in a call. I don’t promise it will be great connection but i have been in a call with 60 people at one time. boy was it noisy.

  12. carmella whitfield says:

    ok you could be thinking right now that I’m just lying and telling you all this stuff so you’ll be on my side. well if you don’t believe me get Skype right now, and call me.
    you want to prove me wrong, you want to say that your FaceTime is better, prove it.
    my Skype name is carmella.whitfield, look it up.

  13. COOLGUY says:

    I Have Skype I Choose Skype I Think Skype’s Better

  14. Copticone says:

    LOL Job’s fans will “fan” on anything with an Apple logo without really experiencing the alternative. In my house we have Win PCs, Androids, and iPads. My in-laws are Job’s fans, so we have to put up with Facetime, and for the most part it works just fine. For everything else, work related, school related for kids, and everyday use, Skype on the PCs, Androids and even iPads is MUCH better in functionality, utility, AND quality of video.

    • Johan Wyckmans says:

      The bible warned us!!! I seriously don’t know if I should say this, but I don’t judge against any allknowing.

    • jdjd says:


      why do you insult your family only for the reason of using a different product from you???

      This is sad.

      • Copticone says:

        huh? Where did I insult my family? Unless the term “Job’s fan” is now an insult?! There is nothing wrong with being a fan of a brand, even if it is inferior :)

  15. Johan Wyckmans says:

    Just buy a Skype-in number, forward to your iPhone. Let your iPhone forward to any phone you want it to forward to. Call from there. What is it you want?
    If you want to be available at more then one device at a time, and call with FaceTime as if it was Skype, then tell Apple to stuck in their FaceTime, buy an iPhone or just use Skype. Apple isn’t likely going to change anything short after release.
    It might even take FaceTime 2, before Skype (non-Apple) will be linked to an Apple product.

  16. Mathew Vogt says:

    Is this even a question… The answer is Skype duh!