[Quick Tip] How to Change Facebook Album Cover Photo

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I still remember, back in the days when names like Facebook, Flickr and Image Bucket didn’t even exist, how I used to decorate my photo albums. After arranging all the photos in the album, I used to choose the best photo as the cover image to attract immediate attention. Now the classic photo albums have been digitized through services like Facebook, but the concept of album cover photo still remains.


When you upload a photo album to Facebook, it automatically selects the first photo of the album as the cover but that might not look appropriate all the time. So let’s see how we can change it to make the album look more appealing.

Changing Facebook Album Cover

After you have created the album open it and click on the Edit button to edit the album.

edit album

When you are in editing mode, click on the small arrow on the image you want to use as an album cover and select the option Make album cover. That’s all, the changes will be reflected on your timeline’s update.

make album cover

I would prefer you drag the cover photo to the top and make it the first image of the album. It will make sure the viewers start viewing the photos from the first image. So from next time, always make sure you choose a catchy photo as your Facebook photo album cover.

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  • Lenny

    I created and posted an album to a private group of which I am a member. I want to change the album cover, but the “edit” option does not appear for me. Is that because I no longer own the album since I posted it somewhere else than my own timeline?

  • James-TheCompany Onyeike-Beyon

    Ok… So how do you undo that?