How to Reduce Video Size on Android to Send via WhatsApp

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Recording an HD video on Android using the highest available settings would mean that even a 30 second video will be easily around 15 to 20 MB in size. As external storage space is not a big concern nowadays, most of us don’t care about the size and same was the case with me. While recording a video the other day, I didn’t care about the output file size, but later when I tried to send it to a friend via WhatsApp, I realized that the app does not support videos that are greater than 12 MB in size.

Android Video Converter (1)

While uploading a photo WhatsApp automatically optimizes it for web by optimizing its resolution, but unfortunately there was no such option for videos. The tool simply gives you an error and leaves you on your own to find a solution.

Sure there are many Windows based free video converters for the job, but I was in no mood to transfer the files between the devices using a cable or over the Wi-Fi.

Cool Tip: See how you can shrink the size of the video on Windows using Movie Maker to save bandwidth while uploading it on different web services or emailing it.

Reducing Video Size Using Video Converter App

Like always, there were many apps available on the Play Store which claimed to do the task at hand. But most of them lacked features or didn’t work well. After trying out a number of them, I settled on one. I managed to convert and compress the video using the Video Converter Android app.

So let’s see how it was done.

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The app comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. The pro version comes with a pre-configured mode for compressing the video size. After you select a video, you can straightaway provide the final size of processed video you wish for and get the conversion done. So if time matters to you over money, you can go ahead and use the pro version to convert the video. However, if you are willing to put in some extra effort to save a few dimes, you can manually reduce the video size in the lite version.

After installing Video Converter Android on your device, launch it and import the video you would like to shrink. After you select the video, tap the Convert option at the bottom of the screen.

Android Video Converter (3)

Select Manual profile to convert the video and reduce the resolution, bitrate and FPS of the video. The recommended settings while reducing the size of the video is 176×144, 800 and 23.98 respectively. Leave every other settings as it is and convert the video.

Android Video Converter (6)Android Video Converter (4)

The tool will process the video and reduce its size considerably. If the receiver will view the video on the device itself, he will hardly notice the reduced quality. After the conversion is complete you will see the video in the Android Gallery from where you can share it on WhatsApp.


After hours of research and trying out a dozen of apps I came up with the solution. However, if you know of a simple yet free way to reduce video on an Android device, please don’t forget to share the information.

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  1. eldaddy says:

    IPhone compresses it so u can upload 45sec in the 12mb. How long in seconds is this setting for?

  2. janie says:

    how can you flip the video so it plays vertically?

  3. Guest11 says:

    after using this compressor and sending the compressed video can it be uncompressed on an Iphone? If so, how?

  4. Bryan says:

    I just upgraded from my HTC One X to the new HTC One. With my older phone I was able to send excellent quality video up to 1:20 sec long but with the new HTC One I can only do 11 seconds at a medium settings which btw has to be manually set every time I go to shoot a video. Can’t make it a default setting which is odd. Doesn’t make sense. Not even close to before. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the file size was if I recorded for 1:20 sec on my old phone but I’m assuming less than 16mb.
    I would be even happy with 20 seconds but 11 seconds is too short for anything.
    Does anyone know how I can easily by default get it to how my older phone was working. Thanks

  5. newbie says:

    When I browse through my external SD card, I can’t locate any of the videos I recorded. The only thing that shows up is the sample video that came with the phone. Any advise? Thx!

  6. jaj says:

    I installed the video converter app 3 days ago(they provided complimentry pro usage fof 3days) and it works awesome.I was able to shrink a 300 mb mp4 vid to 15 mb and I was able to upload the file on whatsapp.However I have a few queries;1)can it shrink a 2gb file to 700mb;2)what all formats is it compatible and 3)can the shrunk vid be converted using a standard video converter?

  7. safa. says:

    It doesn’t work for me :( i tried it in exactly the same way. I needed to send a video clip via whtsapp and it has to be less than 16mb. I have a samsung s3. Any help would be very much appreciated

  8. Hassan Alsudani says:

    I am Galaxy Grand user, I tried your settings and reduced a video from 26MB to 1.5 MB and it sucks.

    WhatsApp allows us to send up to 16MB, so I am trying new settings and will be sharing soon.

  9. Wee Fi says:

    Excellent – works a charm. Thanks for posting!

  10. Jose Huzaifah says:

    Ur the best! Tq so much!! It really helps…tq again…&_^#

  11. Dharma Rao says:

    Would like to compress an 89mb video to below 16mb for sharing it with my pals in Whatsapp. Please post a suggestion. The shrinked video shouldnt be like a 3gp video with blurred pixels in it. Maybe not just converting it, encoding may help. Rebuilding the coding format may help reduce the video. Please post a suggestion with reference to this.

  12. meenakshi says:

    Thank u very much, it is really very helpful.

  13. newbee says:

    We started using telegram, it is video size limit 1 gb

  14. Ace geordie says:

    Reduce resolution of videos that you take will help but they will always be lower resolution

  15. JoselitoS says:

    use another app to take the video and then sending it to Whatsapp maybe? Viber? or Chaton?

  16. SANJAY KV says:

    Its better to use telegram instead

  17. Chandrakant Kothari says:

    Excellent – works a charm. Thanks for posting!

  18. Jose Esclarecido da Silva says:

    This program does not meet, because it does not work when the video is in memory card (extSdCard).
    That is, it does not access the external memory card, which is the main place where is the recorded video.