How to Install Android 4.2 Camera on ICS and 4.1.x Devices

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We have already seen how to install and use Android 4.2 keyboard on existing Android ICS devices. This is really what separates this platform from others out there (read iOS). The flexibility of Android ensures that developers can hack it to bring latest features to users much faster than they could get them via the official upgrade route. Today we will have a look at how to get the new Android 4.2 camera to use the Photosphere feature on phones running the ICS and higher versions except the latest 4.2.

Android 4.2 camera (2)

All you will need is a rooted Android ICS smartphone with a custom recovery installed on it.

Installing Android 4.2 Camera on ICS devices

The best thing about the mod is that it does not replace your stock camera app. Instead, it adds an additional camera. So even if the new camera app does not work on your device, you can always use your existing camera to take photos. Sounds good, right? So let’s have a look on how you can install the camera on your rooted ICS or 4.1.x Jelly Bean Android smartphone.

Note: Though the app can be installed on any device, the Photosphere feature will only work if the device has a gyroscope.

Step 1: Head over to this thread in XDA and download the latest flashable zip file of Android 4.2 camera and save it on your computer.

download link

Step 2: Transfer the zip file to your Android SD card or internal storage space if it is equivalent to SD card storage, and reboot your device in recovery mode.

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Step 3: All you need to do now is flash the zip. Just make sure you take a Nandroid backup of the current state of your ROM. No need to go for a full wipe but you should clear device cache before installing the zip file.

Step 4: After the file is flashed successfully, reboot your device and wait for the Android to upgrade and optimize your existing apps to work on the new update.

Android 4.2 camera (3)

You will now see both the camera apps in your app drawer. The first one will be the stock camera app that you were using till date and the second one will be the new Android 4.2 camera that we just flashed. In the best case scenario, the new Android 4.2 camera will work on your device and you can straightaway start taking photos.

If you would like to try Photosphere, you will have to make a switch using the camera menu. If you are not sure about how the new Android 4.2 camera works, I would suggest you to have a look at this video which talks about all the new features of the camera and how they can be accessed.


Some of the users might get an error while accessing the new Photosphere feature and in that case you will have wait for an update that. Keep a close look at that thread on XDA.

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  • Roland fortune

    did not work for my xperia x10 running cm9 4.0.4 :(

    • Ashish Mundhra

      Is it not installing ?

      • keeer

        Can I add Photosphere on

        samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312

  • Pasindu

    Is it works on Xperia S?

  • Szufla

    I have installed everything. Seems to be ok, but when trying to use photosphere mode, camera app FC`s. I have changed language to english (US), but it didn`t helped.
    Have you got any idea how to fix it?

    Im using Xperia NEO V, rooted, ICS.

    • Szufla

      I have checked…probably its becouse my phone does not have gyroscope :(

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Hello! I’m a noob when it comes to things like this and I just want to know, how do you exactly ‘flash the zip’?

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Oh nevermind…. I’m such an idiot… Im sorry

  • Triv R

    alas its not working, green flickering screen etc.