How to Take Screenshot in Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Android Gingerbread Phone

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Unlike in iOS where taking screenshot is as easy as pressing the home and power button at the same time, and has been like that in many previous versions of the OS, in Android it unfortunately hasn’t been a cakewalk.

Taking a screenshot in stock Android means following some complicated steps, especially for a new Android user. I am not sure if ICS is going to change that, if it does, tell us in the comments. Keep in mind that I am talking about the stock Android version.

However, the beauty of Android is that different handset manufacturers can bundle their own features with the OS, and hence you’ll find a way to capture screens quickly on most of the Android phones by top brands.

xperia neo v

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If you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Android phone that runs the Gingerbread version, you could get the Take screenshot option by keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds. It’s probably the same way in all Xperia models. Not completely sure about that though, try it out in your Xperia if you have one.

How do you take screenshots in your Android phone? I know this is not something that one needs to do every other day, but a quick way to get it done is always preferable isn’t it?

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  • Chethan Rao

    Yes, Android 4.0 can take screenshots (native app). Pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously will fetch you a screenshot.

  • Nfkbl

    @ Chethan Rao i’ve just upgraded to 4.0 and i didn’t know how to make screenshot, so 10x 4 the tip.

  • DeadEnd

    Thx for the tip rly usefull. Dunno why sonysupport didnt add that in the video tutorial “what’s new in ICS”.

  • Mohamed Rafi

    Am having Xperia pro ICS i couldn’t find screen shot option in this ? can u tel me ?

  • krystine

    aw thanks for this just bought my xperia go and i thought i dont have screenshot in it :( downloaded apps, so annoying good thing i saw this site, really helpful!

  • naru

    How to screen capture for Sony neo L

  • azril

    How about in Xperia acro hd the power button doesnt have the so called screenshot jus before updated the last version

  • jjj

    Hi,may I know how do u take screen shot on video that is playing, cause when I wanted to take a screenshot of the video, it turns out that I’m taking a sreenshot of a’black’ screen.

  • Bella Gucci

    Press power button and volume down simultaneously.
    this way could take screenshot on most of Android device.

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