How to Recover Windows 8 When it Fails to Boot

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windows-repair A few days ago, while I was still running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, my PC failed to boot after a simple restart. I had no clue how that happened and all I needed was a way to recover Windows 8.

But it wasn’t easy. I was not able to use the advanced boot options in Windows 8 to fix things. The error screen was the first and the last thing that showed up after the BIOS loads up.

That very day, with no choice whatsoever, I had to format and reinstall Windows 8. Later when the problem was fixed, I did some research on how a similar problem can be dealt with wisely in the future and that’s when I learned about Windows 8 repair and recovery disc. It’s similar to the Windows 7 repair and recovery disc that we have already written about.

Windows 8 recovery disc can be used to boot to Windows 8 repair options in the time of crisis and today we will see how we can create and use it.

Creating Windows 8 Repair and Recovery Disc

Step 1: Open Windows Run Command Box and run the command recdisc. This command will open the Windows System Repair Disc tool on your computer.


Step 2: Now insert the the blank CD/DVD in your CD ROM and wait for Windows to read it. When Windows recognizes the blank DVD, click on the Create Disc button on the system repair disc tool.

create a system restore point

Step 3: The tool will then create the bootable recovery disc in no time.

Now that you have created the repair disc, store it in a safe place that you can remember. Also make sure you write something on the CD using a CD marker so that you can spot it easily.

Using Windows 8 Repair Disc

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When Windows 8 fails to boot, insert the recovery disc in your computer’s tray and boot from the CD. You’ll need to go to the boot options screen first and that screen can be accessed when you quickly press the key (F12 in my case) that the computer shows on the very first screen when it starts.

It will be quick so make sure you have it right the first time, or else you’ll have to power off and start again to get to that first screen. Once you are there, you can use the down arrow key to go to the CD/DVD option and press Enter to set it as the primary boot device.

Boot Menu

In some cases, you might get a BIOS that does not support direct boot priority editing and you will have to enter the BIOS system to change the boot option. When you select CD/DVD as your boot option, you will be overriding the boot information that’s on your hard drive.

After the disc loads up, select Advanced option to enter the Windows 8 repair option. Here you can use system recovery image to refresh or reset your computer. You can also use restore your system to create a system restore point.



Last Words…

After the tool is finished with the repairing work, reboot your computer from your hard drive. If you are in luck, you will boot into Windows 8. You might loose some recent files and settings but it’s way better than formatting Windows 8 altogether.

One thing to note here is that even if you don’t have a repair disc with you, you can use a public Windows 8 computer to create the restore disc. If you have any other question you want to get cleared just ask them using the comments. I will try my best to provide a solution.

Top Image Credit: Swanksalot

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  1. Can I use the win8 installation CD instead?

  2. no says:

    Great article… too bad about that nasty pop up that destroys any idea you care about your readers. No, not because of the ad, that I completely understand, but to cover the entire page…. just stupid.

  3. Name? says:

    To find the Windows 8 recovery media creator, enter recovery in
    Start Search and then change the view to Settings. The option you’re
    looking for is listed as Create a recovery drive in the search results.

  4. Richard says:

    What happens if you have a dead hard drive and no recovery media? How do you reinstall Windows 8 with no licence sticker on the machine?

  5. vikky says:

    How I can use a public Windows 8 computer to create the restore disc?
    Actually during UBUNTU installation it overwrited the windows 8 partiotion and I Just lost the windows 8. and also I don’t have recovery partition as well as no recovery media. Ubuntu installed successfully but I want my window 8 back. Is it there any way to get this window 8 back on my laptop. Please share on my mailid also [email protected] and [email protected].

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but this sucks. :( My windows 8 is inaccessible, so I can’t do this. :(

  7. anns says:

    my pc was working fine but suddenly after a restart it always fails to boot it fails while booting loading windows or at startup pllz pllz help I have tried everything out but no result …????

  8. Heelp? says:

    Hey, I have a Acer computer with windows 8 and I tried to install ubuntu 13.04 dual boot from DVD I had burned. Then i went to install ubuntu and it did not recognized other operating system..? Then i just tried to click “install ubuntu” and i realized that it was going to install ubuntu on windows and I turned power off from the computer.. Now I cant get it load windows anymore. So how can I get it boot windows 8 again? Please help me, Im worried.. Sorry for my bad language and thank you.

  9. aTechMate says:

    one of the most common scenarios when windows 8 would fail to start properly is “if windows 8 is installed in an older machine. the problem arises due to fast boot actually which conflicts with the fact that windows 8 tries to use the preloaded drivers and services”. For older machines some drivers might behave in their legacy manner and hence the problem. you could try disable fast boot is such cases

  10. Sudhaker Jain says:

    I think this problem windows booting error try any third party tool like Kernel for windows data recovery software to repair boot error and recovery also complete data files from windows.

    Sudhaker Jain

  11. I have created a bootable Recovery CD/DVD of Windows 8 and followed the steps mentioned in the recovery, accidentally my CD/DVD disk scratched by my son and now DVD writer is not accepting it . Is there any way I can recovery my CD/DVD data.