How to Backup Notes, SMS, Calendar and Contacts Using iCloud on Your iOS Device

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iPhone Important InformationIn the past, if you had an iPhone or other iOS device and you wanted to backup important information like your notes, SMS, calendars and contacts you needed to either jailbreak your device or use special applications to do this for you. And even then, the result was usually a series of files with strange name extensions that hardly any non-tech user would be able to recognize.

What is even worse, all of these procedures had to be done by connecting wirelessly to your computer and you had to update your backups as often as possible if you didn’t want to lose anything.

Thankfully, starting with iOS 5 and onwards, Apple introduced iCloud, its wireless backup and syncing solution that makes backing up your notes, SMS, calendars and contacts a safe and seamless procedure.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: On your Home screen, tap on Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup

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iCloud  Backup

Step 2: Under Backup, make sure to enable iCloud Backup.

iCloud Backup ON

By default, all your important information will be enabled to backup every time your iPhone or iOS device is locked, plugged to a power source and connected to the internet.

There you are, not only backing up your notes, SMS, calendars and contacts is completely hands-free once iCloud has been enabled, but everything is also continuously updated over the air so you never miss anything.

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  1. iphone backup password says:

    great, days ago, i lost my contact address, music, pics on my iphone, i did backup before, but i set a password. Pity that i forgot the backup password also. At last, a tool called “Tenorshare iPhone Backup Password Unlocker” helped me recover backup password and got out of problem quickly!

  2. Blazefan says:

    I have a particular difficulty as I am trying to back up calendars on my iPhone 3G and ultimately transfer them to my new iphone 5. However, my old iphone calendars are all locally saved on my iphone and icloud is not available for the ios version my 3g is running on. is there a solution?

    • EiDeeD says:

      Try backing up your iphone caledars via iTunes (just sync your itunes library with your old iphone). Then restore your new iPhone from the itunes backup by connecting your new iphone, right-clicking on its device icon in itunes and selecting “Restore from backup”.

      Alternatively, you can back up only your old iphone calendars in iCalendar format on your PC using this:

      and restore them back to your new iphone again using the same utility.

  3. Elainie says:

    I have read too many articles about how to back up iPhone data. Currently, it comes to 3 basic methods. The traditional method is through iTunes with syncing. Maybe most people would like to choose iCloud backup. There is one problem of this problem that is you have to use Wifi. The 3rd way is via a third tool. There are many iTunes alternatives in the market. You can choose one. Here is an example: