5 Best iOS Apps to Use iPhone as a PC or Mac Remote Control

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Controlling your Mac or Windows PC remotely from your mobile device was just a dream a few years ago. Not anymore. You can now do it easily with most of the smartphone operating systems and that includes iOS. But with so many available iOS apps for controlling your Mac or PC remotely and all of them claiming to be the best, it can be somewhat confusing to really know which ones are really the best ones to consider.

Mocha on Windows

That is why here we are going to show you our top 5 picks for best apps to use your iPhone as a PC or Mac remote control. Check these out.


By far the most complete and secure application for controlling your Mac or Windows PC, TeamViewer for iPhone has rightfully earned quite a following among those who constantly look for faster and safer ways to access their computers remotely. The app is available in both free and paid versions and once installed on your iPhone, all that is required is to install a small client on your Mac or PC. Once you have accessed your computer either via using a code or by using a partner list, you have full control of it with a series of on-screen tools like a keyboard, a mouse and special function keys.

Teamviewer Login

Teamviewer Desktop

Overall, remote control with this app is smooth, plus all connections are secured by TeamViewer’s dedicated encryption.

Note: We’ve already written about setting up a remote connection between 2 Windows PCs using TeamViewer and shown how to remote control a computer using TeamViewer’s Android app.


LogMeIn is perhaps the most popular application for controlling your Mac or PC remotely from your iOS device. It comes in both a free and paid versions, and offers simple and smooth control of as many computers as you like. Before connecting securely, the user will need to visit LogMeIn’s website and download a small client that will establish the connection between the devices.


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LogMeIn Control

Contrary to other similar apps, LogMeIn offers a series of upgrades in the form of in-app subscriptions, ranging from 3-month to yearly periods. A subscription enables a series of very interesting features, including HD video and audio streaming and local file saving.

Mocha VNC

In a similar line than TeamViewer, Mocha VNC provides users with a remote VNC connection to their Macs and PCs. The app relies on encrypted password sign in to connect to other computers and also comes in both a free and paid versions. Once connected to a computer, Mocha VNC presents the user with a simple interface that allows them to access and control files, applications and other resources of their computers as if they were right in front of them.

Mocha Control

Mocha on Windows

Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) – RDP / VNC

At just $14.99, Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) – RDP / VNC is one of the most reasonably-priced apps on our list. It also happens to be one of the best for its price. It provides users with a secured connection to their Macs and PCs and also supports a very nice feature that allows users to control the quality of the connection, which makes it ideal for those with a low bandwidth.

Jump Desktop Control

Remoter VNC – Remote Desktop

Remoter is another VNC iOS app that allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac to control them remotely. The app offers a series of nice features and smooth controls, although other apps in this list are superior. Remoter VNC’s main “feature” is its price: You can get the fully functional version of the app for just $3.99 and enable all of its in-app enhancements for well less than $30.

Remoter for iPhone


There you have them. All the apps above offer similar functionalities at different prices. Choose the one that suits you best and let us know in the comments if your favorite didn’t make the list.

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  1. Which of these Apps is using the existing remote program of the Mac? … or do they all need an extra software installed on the Mac?

  2. Gus says:

    This page is just a pointless list, NOT a review! These 5 apps were ‘apparently’ chosen at random, with absolutely no reason or explanation why they were chosen above others.

    Also missing from this ‘list’ are advantages/disadvantages with each program…?

    WHY is one more ‘popular’ than the other?

    WHY should I chose one over the other?

    HOW do they work, and are they easy to install and customize?

    WHAT are the disadvantages of each?

    WHAT are the hidden registration costs for every PC? (HUGE CATCH!!!)

    This ‘list’ was poorly written, and provides absolutely NO user feedback – or opinion – of each of the “leading 5 programs’.

    This list doesn’t even detail the hidden costs of monthly/annual PC/MAC subscriptions which can sometimes be a real deal breaker for “home” users vs “commercial” users LIKE MYSELF!

    Clearly the writer did absolutely NO RESEARCH in this feild whatsoever. This website should really consider hiring someone that is willing to do a little more work than simply copy/pasting app details.

    Completely poor effort for a “review”. This whole page was a complete waste of my time and taught me absolutely nothing.


  3. Jones Kamal says:

    Nice list, but it misses ConnectMe RDP. It is the best one. It supports all RDP features; Gateway, RemoteApps , NLA, sound, files and more..


  4. hokila says:

    Wait a moment,

    Have you heard extreme remote control app called Splashtop
    I can even play WOW through my iPad.

    check out this

  5. Aliasgar Babat says:

    Hey, you forgot to mention one more alternative: RHUB`s remote support appliance. It is easy to use and provides everything in one box you need.