How to Use Google Drive From a Portable USB Drive

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Previously we have seen how to create and run the portable version of Dropbox from a USB drive, but due to some administrative restrictions on my University computer it was giving me a null pointer exception error (Don’t ask me what that means!)


One fact I want to share is, I use PortableApps Suite on my USB Drive and I was looking for a way I could integrate Dropbox to it. Though I couldn’t get Dropbox to work, I managed to find a way to use Google Drive using a portable app. I was fine with that because all I wanted was to work on files and automatically sync them online. Dropbox or Google Drive, as long it worked, I was happy.

So we will see how to install and use a portable app using SyncDocs Portable. If you don’t want to use the application with PortableApps Suite, you can go ahead and install it using the installer but we will be seeing how to install and use it through PortableApps Suite which I personally prefer.

Installing  SyncDocs Portable to PortableApps Suite

Step 1: Download and save the .paf.exe file of SyncDocs Portable to your computer and launch the portable apps on your USB drive. In the portable apps menu which looks mostly like Windows 7 Start Menu, click on Apps—>Install a new app.

Install a New app

Step 2: Select the .paf.exe file of SyncDocs Portable which you have downloaded in the step above and install it on your portable device.

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Step 3: After the app installs, you can launch it just like any other portable app. When you run the app for the first time, you will be asked to authenticate your account. Grant access to the application to sync your Google Drive files. I recommend using the OAuth way of authorization.

authenticate google drive

Step 4: The app will ask you the document preferences before setting it up. Fill in the data as per your preference and finish the wizard.


After you set up the application, it will start the initial sync which might take some time. All the data that is synced is saved on your portable drive which means you need to make sure you have enough space before you make the first sync. To open the local folder to which all your data is synced, right-click on the icon in the taskbar and select the option Open Local Folder.

local folder


That was how you can install and use Google Drive as a portable app along with the file syncing feature through PortableApps Suite. However, always remember to terminate the app before plugging out the USB drive or you might corrupt it along with all the contained data.

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  1. Khoi Tran says:

    OMG this is exactly what I want!!! Thanks so much!

  2. Marcos says:

    sorry mate but can not find the .paf.exe file for Syncdocs.
    I have downloaded an .exe (a few times) from
    but no paf.exe file ever…
    Please give me a clue on what is missing here :)


  3. Troll says:

    Just use Dropbox and Dropbox Encore…

  4. Andrea says:

    For Dropbox on a USB stick DropboxPortableAHK works like a charm!

  5. orschiro says:

    I remember that Syncdocs was not free of charge though.

  6. SergeantBort says:

    SyncDoc is limited in use, and it does not work clean enough for me to be willing to pay $20 for it. Are there any other options?

  7. DaveJFT says:

    I’ve transferred over to SyncDocsPortable.paf from DropboxPortableAHK since Dropbox started blocking the older clients that DropboxPortableAHK and DropboxPortable.paf were based on and so far it’s doing the job just fine. Even after the unlimited trial we can still use it to sync 500 files which is fine for me when all I want to keep synced are a few documents.

  8. Green says:

    limit 10,000 files; not a FREEWARE or above!!

  9. Flohawk says:

    SyncDocs has no security features…

  10. j says:

    mediafire blocked

  11. wonga says:

    Can all this be done Using “DROPBOX” from any computer? I have an H/P CHROMEBOOK 14 w/dropbox, and I have it synced with my Android device, & I want to store all my files, everything possible I can on a TOSHIBA 500gb EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. Before I mess everything up, (like I already unplugged the usb from computer before “TERMINATING” & I am afraid to look & see what I lost), so if anyone can leave a reply here, GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU!!!