How to Install and Apply Custom Fonts on Android

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In my Samsung Galaxy S that I used to own before I got HTC One X, there was a built-in feature to download and install custom fonts on the phone and apply it without using any third-party application. Few days back, I thought of changing the font on my HTC One X but it didn’t provide a similar option.

When I did some research I came to know that the particular feature was incorporated by Samsung, and that too in few devices. Then I came across a promising Android app that could change the fonts of an Android phone to any valid TrueType Font (TTF) on a rooted device. So let’s see how to use the application to apply some cool new fonts on Android.

Android Font Changer  (1)

As the application will be interacting with your system files, you must have the root access to your phone. Moreover, I would suggest you take a Nandroid backup of the phone. Just in case things go wrong and your phone goes into a boot loop.

How to Install the Custom Fonts on Android

Step 1: So now that you are all ready to apply some new fonts on your Android, download and install Font Changer from the Play Store. The application is compatible with all the devices running any version of Android.

Android Font Changer  (2)Android Font Changer  (3)

Step 2: After you have installed the application, launch it. The app does not come with any preinstalled fonts and thus you will find the list of available fonts empty. To install some fonts, exit the application and mount the SD card on your computer via a data cable.

Step 3: The app can read and apply any valid TTF file and so you should have all the font files you want to install in the same folder. You can download fonts from many online websites as well.

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font file

All you need to do now is transfer all these font files to /sdcard/.fontchanger/ and unmount your phone.

Step 4: Now launch the application to find a list of all the fonts that you can apply to your device. If the fonts do not show up automatically, press the menu button on your device and tap on refresh.

Android Font Changer  (4)

Step 5: After you see the available fonts that you can apply, all you need to do is tap on the font and select Apply option.

Android Font Changer  (5)

The app will process the request on your phone and ask you to reboot your device once it’s done. After the phone boots up, you will see notice a complete font style change of your phone. You can also change the font density if you think that it’s not fitting on your Android screen.

Note: The first boot after applying a new font might take a little longer than usual.


As long as your Android is rooted, Font Changer is the best way to install fonts on it. However, if you decide to uninstall Font Changer later on, make sure you uninstall it from the app settings menu itself. This will ensure that the default font is applied before uninstalling the app.

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    Thanks for mentioning root at the end of your article where you have thousands of people reading and downloading what is waste to them without a thoughtful forewarning. I squat in your yard squeeze something on your dirt then scratch other dirt on top. All in the path you walk upon. Sorry for the sh!t under your shoe i should have forewarned you. FOGK!

    • Ashish Mundhra

      Please read the second paragraph once again. I am sure you will spot that I clearly mentioned that fact that the app can only be used on rooted devices.

    • Android ROM DeveloperCW

      Hey noob android user.Rooting your phone is probably the best thing u can do you idiot.Do you seriously thing u can change system stuff without root access idiot?

  • Brijesh Tiwari

    I got this app called ‘Fontoosh’ which worked well for me. besides changing fonts we can install devnagari font directly from the app.

  • Rakesh Parmar

    “Super Class Access was not found on your device and therefor application will have to close”………~~~This ERROR Will Ocuur What To Do?????? If Any Suggesion Then Contact Me on Mo=7600137138

    • Nasif

      you need to root your mobile phone

  • david

    there are tons of simple,great font APK’s all over the place. no root required.

    • david

      search for android flipfonts or “fonts-XDA”

  • moses finney

    Followed the same procedure, but the device rebooted and running with the same old Robotic font. Any help??
    Htc One S. Rooted, with busy box installed.

  • zyra

    i can’t find the app in play store. did it get deleted or something?

    • Android ROM DeveloperCW

      well search google

    • smartpants

      on 4shared you can still download it

  • Hanes Kids

    thanks for this one..