[Quick Tip] How To Double Underline Text In Microsoft Word

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word 2010 logo There are lots of ways to emphasize a piece of text in MS Word. And they have their shortcut keys too…all adding up to seconds of productivity on a busy day. If you have used Word for even a little while you will know that pressing CTRL+B displays text in bold; CTRL+I puts it in italic.

Then there’s CTRL+U which underlines a word to add a little more emphasis to it, though it is something which is usually not advocated because of the similarity between an underlined part of text and a hyperlinked one.

There’s a slightly better way if the usual ways of placing emphasis on a word or line isn’t cutting it for you – do a Double Underline.

MS Word Shortcut Key

Yes, it’s one of the little known members of Word keyboard shortcuts. Press Control-Shift-D and there you have it. If you are a Mac user, use Command-Shift-D. Simple and easy!

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