Fancy Tube is an All-in-one YouTube Management Add-on For Chrome

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new_youtube_logoIn the past we have looked at some YouTube extensions that activate additional features and help us enhance our online video viewing experience. Well, I love some of those augmentations, like being able to enable or disable auto play, switch to HD mode automatically, etc. And the best one to hold on to is the one that allows me to skip commercial ads.

The real problem here is that I have to manage all those add-ons individually which I hate as much as I love the results. In my search to get rid of this pain I found an extension for Google Chrome that offered all my loved features under one umbrella.

This meant that I could easily remove the bunch of add-ons and configure the settings on this single program called Fancy Tube. Let us check out everything that Fancy Tube has to offer.

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As soon as you add Fancy Tube to Chrome, you would be taken to its options page. Here, you can set your preferences and enable or disable the desired features. At any time if you wish to change the settings you can launch the options by navigating to Chrome Settings (top-right wrench icon) -> Tools -> Extensions.


Auto HD and Auto Size

These settings can be configured to escape the process of switching to high definition view when it is available for a video and/ or switching between small and large player manually. Ideally, you would use the first, third and fourth icon (in the below image) to do that respectively.


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If you are intrigued to have some default settings then you must look up these options.

Video Playback Options

Adblock: We all know that there are a lot of advertisements on YouTube (both on the web page and the flash player). By simply ticking the Adblock option you can remove all such advertisements.

Auto Replay: When this is turned on you would see an Auto Replay  button next to the Subscribe  button on the top of the video. You can easily toggle to repeat the video 2 times, 5 times, 10 times or unlimited number of times.


Scroll to Video: If ever you lose the video due to unwanted mouse scrolls i.e. the pages scrolls down then you can easily move to the top of the video by hitting the Enter key.

Space to Pause: By default a web page would scroll down if you press the Spacebar. The extension changes the behavior to Play or Pause the video. Easy, isn’t it?

White Player: Don’t like the default interface in its black color? If so, you can switch to a white interface.



Heavy YouTube users will definitely find Fancy Tube useful. Having a single resource to do multiple things is better than having multiple things do one each.

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