How to View and Delete YouTube History on Android

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new_youtube_logoLatest version of YouTube for Android came with many new features to maximize video viewing experience for the user. The ability to pre-cache videos on Wi-Fi network while charging the phone was a great addition for those who are on a limited mobile bandwidth plan.

Another great thing YouTube recently introduced was the ability to view the entire YouTube video history directly on the app and even delete it from the web. The trick works on YouTube for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean and could be very useful at times when you are having a debate with your friends over a coffee, or you wish to share a funny video with your colleges in the office.

Viewing YouTube Video History on Android

Step 1: Launch YouTube app and sign in with your Google account. YouTube might ask you some permission for accessing your account and your +1 activities. Allow them accordingly.

Step 2: On the YouTube app, where all your Channel Feeds are displayed, swipe your thumb from left to right to display the app control panel.

YouTube for Android  (1)

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Step 3: Now tap on your user profile pic to open your personalized Video Manager page. Here you can have a look at your entire YouTube viewing history, the videos you have uploaded personally, playlists you have created and the videos you have saved in the watch later list. Now to view the history, tap the specific section to expand it.

YouTube for Android  (5)vYouTube for Android  (4)

Step 4: There’s no way you can search the video history using a keyword, and swiping the page is the only option left if you are trying to spot a particular video. To delete a video from the history, tap a video thumbnail and click on the Remove pop-up button.

YouTube for Android  (2)

The changes will be reflected in your account instantly. You can delete videos from playlists and watch later list as well in exactly the same way.


Viewing and deleting video history is a nice thing to have, but as a user is not able to search through his video history, it’s not able to meet the potential. I am really looking forward to the feature when a user would be able to search just within his YouTube history rather than the entire YouTube collection.

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  1. Anshuman says:

    nice…you should place google +1, facebook like buttons also so that i can do that…thanks

  2. Varun says:

    I am unable to see the history playlist as shown in the screenshot here. I don’t know how to delete videos from my “watch later” list. When I tried to touch the blue triangle present on the video thumbnail, the whole video page opens. Please tell me how to remove a video from watch later playlist. I am using ICS and youtube current version is 4.1.47

  3. nonamebrand says:

    . “To delete a video from the history, tap a video thumbnail and click on the Remove pop-up button.” Should be replaced with Settings > Search> Clear Search history (for JB)

  4. Geert Jalink says:

    I just wanted to tell everyone that they should push the small little triangle in the right below corner of the video thumbnail.