[Quick Tip] How to Disable Xbox Live Store on Windows 8 Music and Video App

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While reviewing all the basic apps that came bundled with Windows 8 RTM, I mentioned that both the Music and Video app feature Xbox Marketplace and the users can easily buy or rent music and videos to enjoy them on their computer.

xbox video

However, if you are not planning to use the Xbox Marketplace to buy or rent tracks and movies, here’s a way you can disable it on both the apps and just concentrate on the local media files you have on your device.

Disable Xbox Marketplace on Windows 8

Step 1: In the Windows 8 Video app, open Windows Charm bar by pressing the Windows+C hotkey. On the Charm bar, click on the Settings button.


Step 2: Now click on the Preferences option  to open the app configuration.

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settings of the app

Step 3: In the app preferences, toggle the Startup view  app settings from on to off.


That’s all, restart the app (kill the app using Task Manager) to see the changes.

Xbox Marketplace

Repeat the process for the Music app if you want to skip the Xbox Marketplace there as well. Don’t forget to have a look on how to add media files and folder permanently to these apps if they are distributed over your hard disk.

  • angry

    This did not work for me. Is there another option?

  • Alex Stockwell

    I don’t have a Preferences option there.

  • a

    you need to be in the video app and then kill the app after changing the preferences…or reboot.

  • Happy Now

    It worked thank you.

  • Windows 8 Sucks

    No preference option here either.. I hate windows 8.

  • Wallace Kelly

    In Windows 8.1, the Settings, Preferences option is labeled, “Open my personal videos when I start the app.” You want to set that to On.

    • Hanson Moh

      I disabled it previously and now I wanna add it back. But the “open my personal videos” is missing in preference. What should I do?

  • worked

    worked like a charm, thanks

  • Windows8_Hater

    This article sucks just as much as windows 8 does! I have no preferences, and when I try to scroll back through this article, advertisement pages keep loading.

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