Paper Rater Proofreads Your Writing For Grammar, Plagiarism & More

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Do you face problems in writing and make a lot of grammar, spelling and other errors? Writing is a skill and improving it needs time, but you can reduce lots of errors by proofreading your articles. But if you don’t have the proper understanding of the language then you may not be able to proofread your writings.

Paper Rater is a nice tool that can automatically proofread stuff you’ve written. It analyzes your writing style, word choice and tells about most of the grammar and spelling mistakes (it isn’t 100% accurate).


Click on “Use Now Free”, and copy-paste what you’ve written paper in the box, select the type of paper you are submitting, i.e. research paper, personal narrative, essay, book report, speech etc. Read and agree to the term and services and hit the “Get Report” button to get a detailed report of your paper.

It opens the report on a new page showing content on the left and analysis on the right. Reports are divided into tabs and you can view them by clicking on it. Spelling and grammar mistakes are underlined in red and green. When you click over it, it suggests you the correct word. You can edit, replace, or ignore changes.

I tried this tool by copying a small paragraph but it gives the warning that “Document length is too short. Please hit the Back button and try again.” And that’s quite annoying because it doesn’t specify the article length. It finally worked when I pasted an article which was 450 words long.

Test result

Originality / Plagiarism Detection: It detects plagiarism (if any) and shows that your content is original or not. Mine is original.


Word choice: Check the blue underline text in your content. When you click over it, you would get the correct word to use.


Style: It gives details of usage of words. According to Paper rater

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The word usage counts are intended to help identify excessive use of particular parts of speech

You will get lots of writing tips by this tool.


You can also get details of sentence length.


Vocabulary words: It gives detail about usage of sophisticated words in the article.


Overall, I’d say it is a good tool to analyze and get feedback on your writing. It isn’t perfect and some grammar errors may go unnoticed. But still, it does a good job in suggesting improvements.

Lets us know your experience of using this tool.

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  • Harsh Agrawal

    I use some wordpress plugin to proofread my articles.. from my experience..None of this tool can be accurate but is effective to remove general grammar error..

  • DavidAyer

    This tool seems to be on the right track but seldom offers any specific feedback.

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