How to Add and Configure Gmail in Windows 8 Mail App

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After the release of Windows 8 RTM, we have covered many useful articles on basic Windows 8 apps and how you can use them in your everyday life. To ease things out, we have already discussed how to add videos and songs in Windows 8 Music and Video app and also how you can configure Windows 8 Mail App Signature.

Today I am going to address a very common question desktop email app related question: “ How to add my Gmail account? ” …most of us search for an answer to that question when switch from Gmail’s web interface to a desktop email client, isn’t it?

So let’s see how you can configure Windows 8 Mail app and add your Gmail and Google Apps account easily. No need of  POP or IMAP settings, all you’ll be needing is your login credentials.

Adding Gmail Account in Windows 8 Mail App

Step 1: Open Windows 8 Start Screen and select the Mail app. If you don’t already have the app by default, you can download it from the Microsoft App Store. It’s available for free and is one of the very basic modern apps for Windows 8.

Step 2: When you are in the Windows 8 Mail app, open the charm bar by pressing the Windows+C  hotkeys and select settings.


Step 3: In Settings, select the Account option to configure all the accounts that are associated with your Windows 8. Here, click on the option Add an account.

accounts settings

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add an account

Step 4: Now in the Add an account option select Google as an account type and proceed.

gmail account

Step 5: Finally provide your Gmail login credentials to authenticate your account and add it. After the account has been added, it will be shown with all the other accounts configured in Windows 8 Mail App and you can simply switch between them.

add gmail account

If you are using Google apps on your custom domain to send and receive emails, you can configure it too on Windows 8 mail. Simply provide your full username (like [email protected]) while providing the login credentials. The configuration of the app account will be done automatically.

multiple inboxes

If you are planning to use Windows 8 calendar and contacts for the selected Google account, don’t forget to check the option to import contacts and calendar for the linked Google account.


You can configure multiple Gmail accounts in Windows 8 Mail in the exactly same way. Don’t forget to try out Windows 8 Mail App and let us know what you liked and what you didn’t about the app. To get the conversation started, I want to mention that I don’t like the full-page compose window which does not allow me to refer to other mails. Your turn!

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Archived Comments

  1. Jimmi Shrode says:

    Thank you! I was looking for this! You made it very simple and easy to understand.

  2. nobody9000 says:

    I still can’t even set this up without adding a Microsoft account first, which I don’t have and don’t want to create. Useless, Microsoft, useless.

  3. Sam says:

    What if I just wanted to add my Gmail account, no Hotmail or live or anyother microsoft id? Is that possible?

    • Sorry but that’s not possible. You cannot access the app unless you have connected your Windows to an online Microsoft account which will be configured as your default messaging account.

      I agree it’s annoying but then It’s Microsoft’s way of monopolizing !!

  4. Jack Wellington says:

    I think it’s an okay app but hate the fact it’s so much white!! I want to change the background colour of standard emails, is this possible?

  5. oe800r says:

    does it store messages locally?

  6. I am not getting it in Windows 8 Enterprise

  7. Ferienhaus Schwarzwald says:

    I don’t want to use a new user interface to read/write my mail. I just want to link to my inbox and I want to get a new mail counter. Any way to do this with a windows 8 app?

  8. sara says:

    no way to search old emails, etc. I don’t like it at all and want just a way to open my gmail account in another place.

  9. ivanl says:

    Hi, what to do if I don’t have “Accounts” link?

  10. br says:

    there’s no way to search my gmail inbox on windows 8 native app. what gives?

    • Timbini says:

      You can search from the centralized seach. Swipe in from the right and select the magnifying glass icon. when you search from here, Windows 8 gives you all emails, apps, docs, etc. that match what you are searching for.

  11. Tumi says:

    I’m getting “you’ve added all the accounts available for this app” when I try to add an account in the Mail app…

  12. jane says:

    I hate windows 8 mail app. I have tried everything. I have 3 different gmail accounts and at first only one gmail account synced. I called windows support and they remotely logged into my computer to fix it. they uninstalled and reinstalled mail app and I added all 3 accounts again. when I shutdown my computer, it still kind of works… but it’s just not perfect. it wont synchronize. when I have drafts mails, it doesn’t show up on windows mail app, but it shows when I sign in from it’s just really frustrating. also, when I upgraded windows 7 to 8, it somehow messed up my fn+f9 key to able/disable my touchpad. bottom line is I called Microsoft support line like 3 times and was on the phone with them for hours. I hate windows and I regret 100% upgrading. I wasted money. Microsoft support workers were nice though and they tried to help… I blame the one who made windows 8

  13. Capital_7 says:

    The Microsoft login for Google refuses to recognize my gmail address. It’s very frustrating. Can you suggest a fix?

    • Capital_7 says:

      2 years and no answer. Don’t just post shit suggestions without backing them up.

  14. Kapil Gupta says:

    I am not able to find search button in my gmail account in windows 8 in order to search a mail in my inbox. can you guide where is the search option

  15. Allen says:

    Hi, I have a Nokia 620 with w8. Is there a way to make the sync work correctly like on an android system? When I delete an email from w8, it only removes it on the phone and not the server. If I delete on android, it deletes both just as I want, is there a way to do this on w8?
    Thank you

  16. Blue_Indigo says:

    I am having the same problem as Capital_7. Microsoft help tech refered me to this webpage for help, but it is just giving the same general info that isn’t working for me. Am beginning to wonder if a link is possible….

  17. Irene says:

    i added my gmail account to windows 8 mail app and it is constantly using data over my internet connection burning my data allocation.(i have a monthly limit) what is causing it and how can i stop it? I only get about 20 messages per day, most in the morning but the data burn is constant all day.

  18. Annabel says:

    I’ve just stupidly updated to windows 8.1 and my Mail app settings have changed so now when I enter the app my hotmail account appears first, but I want my Gmail to, like I had before. But I can’t find where I can change this default setting..any ideas!!?? It is a small thing but driving me mad!

  19. taylor says:

    I cant even get to the add another account screen. it comes up with the message ” you have added all the accounts for this app” wth? ive been setting windows 8 up for almost a week! i made a Microsoft account, i have outlook, ive merged all my emails, added my social accounts. BUT I CANNOT, ACCESS ANY of the Microsoft corporation apps. people, mail, you name, it, it wont connect.

  20. Luis says:

    Cannot send any attachments from any programs, such as right-clicking a photo and using the “Send To; Mail Recipient” because it tells me no program is associated. It won’t let me associate anything, so I cannot send. I’m blown away that 8.1 doesn’t have a native app to send emails the way Vista and XP used to. If I missed something I’ll take advice.

  21. Robin Zook says:

    No way to archive an email….or am I missing it somewhere? I see delete and move, but not archive….