How to Disable Save to SkyDrive Option in Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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The new SkyDrive brought a lot of buzz in the online storage scene and its seamless integration in Microsoft Office 2013 has made eyes roll. If you have installed and used the preview of Office 2013, you must have noticed that every time you try to save a file, unlike the previous versions, it does not open up the Save as dialog box directly. Rather, it opens up the page where you could decide whether you would like to save the file on the local hard drive or on your SkyDrive.

word 2013 save as

I agree that the integration of SkyDrive feature is amazing when used by an individual, but when an enterprise is using it where security of files in a big concern, this feature might look like an unnecessary baggage. Moreover, an individual who does not have seamless internet connectivity would really not like these occasional pop-ups.

So today we will see how we can disable the extra Save as backstage menu of Office 2013 and save some time.

Disable SkyDrive in Office 2013

Step 1: Open Word 2013 and click on the File button to open Office 2013 backdrop. Here select option from the left sidebar to open Word options.

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word options

Step 2: In Word options, navigate to Save options and put a check on the option Don’t always show the backstage when opening or saving files. This option will take care that you no longer see the extra menu when you save a new file and get the Save as window directly.

word saving options

Step 3: Now remove the check from the option Always show “Sign in to SkyDrive” location during save and put a check on the option Save to computer by default. In short, toggle the checks and save the settings.

That’s all, from now on you will no longer get the backstage menu every time you try to save a new file. Please note that the changes you make to Word 2013 saving options will be reflected throughout Office 2013 products.


Integration of SkyDrive is one of my most loved additions to Office 2013, but if you are really not looking forward to use cloud storage to save your documents then disabling the feature altogether would be the best option to go with.

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  1. MikeMathews says:

    Thank you! Solved the slow opening of each document and the hourly hang on saving that crashed the application. Still like Office 2013 and SkyDrive, just not as such tight partners.

  2. Rob says:

    I would like to know why it takes 10-20 seconds to save my 200 page word doc now that I’m using Office 2013? In previous versions, I could save a 200 page document in a second or two… now it takes SOOO long. Any ideas? I did not see any upload activity so I doubt that it’s uploading to SkyDrive or anywhere else.

    • Dan says:

      As a test I’d strip the formatting out using notepad, paste it into a new word document and save it, and see if it takes just as long. I’ve seen issues where legacy formatting has become corrupt in the background and can cause problems like this.

  3. The Hoff says:

    2013 has ruined saving with the inclusion of additional step/s to save… terrible

    • thwap says:

      Yes I am still left with a whole UNNECESSARY screen before the Windows Explorer folder window, I have to click this STUPID ‘Browse’ button as an extra step!! This guide does not show hot to get rid of the reason what it gets rid of is a problem in the first place. Anyone know how to get rid of this entire ‘jumbo’ unnecessary screen before getting to what we want to get to like we always could? GAH.

      • Philosothought says:

        Totally agree. Why all these rubbish speed bumps.
        It’s on the ‘open’ too. Why can’t we just go straight to browse.
        What’s with the nanny state? I thought that was Apple’s role

  4. Brandy says:

    Why doesn’t my Word 2013 look like that? I can’t deselect Cloud. I can check “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files” but it doesn’t change anything.

  5. Brian Acuff says:

    Thanks, I was looking to get SkyDrive out of the picture. But you skipped the biggest problem with it: poor implementation. The Office Upload Center seems to bypass the local copy of SkyDrive-stored documents leading to a laggy and unsettling experience. Years of using Microsoft products has taught everyone that when you’re doing something simple, like saving a Word doc, and the hourglass pops-up for a long time, something is crashing and you need to worry about your document. It’s annoying to unlearn that but once you do, it’s annoying that MS isn’t using a local cache in the background but instead, makes you sit and wait for the operation to complete. It’s bad design: putting Office on par with the current generation of badly designed products. From a usability standpoint, Office, Sharepoint, Window 8, Server 2012 and SQL Server are all a step backward. At least this Office problem is fixed by pointing your defaults to Google Drive or Dropbox….

  6. Postulative says:

    We shouldn’t want to disable SkyDrive. How can the NSA make sure you’re not a terrorist if you don’t store your bomb-making plans on SkyDrive?

    Making our lives safer, one Office document at a time.

  7. MJM says:

    When using word documents that originated from another machine, I have found that when you disconnect your internet connection and save files, it saves quickly; as it is not trying to find the documents original location. Try opening a few of these documents at the same time with internet on and then watch the start up screen at the bottom. it will show momentarily where the file originally came from.



  8. SPetrucha says:

    I was so excited when I found this. Unfortunately, I made the changes and still have the same issue – the “backstage” still appears when opening docs.

  9. zam1137 says:

    Thank you so much! At first, I was really annoyed at how every time I typed up a Word document and tried to save it, it would default to SkyDrive.

    Now not only dose it default to my local computer, I was able to disable the “Backstage save page” and go directly to the browse for location dialogue, asking me where to save it. Thanks!

  10. Church Secretary says:

    Thanks for the info for disabling backstage for saving files. I would like to know if it can be disabled for printing? It is really an annoyance, not an improvement for those of us who use keyboard shortcuts. I would just ctrl+p and get the dialog box. Then hit enter if the document could print as is. But sometimes I would change the number of copies, or print the current page. Both could be done by just clicking a key or key combo. Now, I have to take my fingers off the keyboard and fish around with the mouse, change the box, and then move the mouse to ‘print’ and click that. Such a waste of time. I get paid to type! I need SPEED!! This backstage crap just slows me down.
    PS- totally agree with thwap

  11. The Real Swami says:

    thx dude – you saved my life. It was so frustrating with the skydrive option that I would have killed myself by banging my head on the laptop

  12. TLR says:

    SPetrucha & Mike are right; changing these settings does NOT solve the issue of the Backstage still showing up.

  13. Fernando Parra says:

    I just lost a big document due to synchronization issues. 3 days of work are gone. I can’t find the previous versions anywhere. So much for using Skydrive as a cloud backup system. Should have known better.

  14. Brett Smith says:

    For anyone looking for the Group Policy option to disable the SkyDrive integration in Office 2013 then here is the place to set it.

    Open Group Policy Editor and create a new GPO.
    Navigate to: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Microsoft Office 2013 -> Miscellaneous
    In the Right Pane Click on: Show SkyDrive Sign In and Choose Disabled.

    If you don’t have the Microsoft Office 2013 in your Admin Templates list you’ll need to download the Office 2013 ADMX Files from here:

    Hope that helps someone.

  15. l says:

    If that doesn’t work go to the file menu, account the remove the linked SkyDrive account.