[Quick Tip] How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp for Android

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whatsapp  logoBe it the New Year’s Eve eve or Thanksgiving, one thing all of us never forget is sending out wishes using social streams and text messages. It’s not only on holidays when we seek the help of bulk messaging, but also on occasions like parties or group activities. Last weekend I was throwing a get together party and as always I sent out a notice to all my friends using text messages inviting all of them at once, to the party.

However, due to some temporary restrictions imposed by the government here, the sending of messages failed. I started looking out for cost-effective measures to help me out here and that’s when I realized that almost all my friends are on WhatsApp and I could use it to invite them over to the party. I just had to figure out a way to send messages in bulk and the task only took a few minutes.

Using WhatsApp one can send bulk messages to 25 friends at once by default, but with the power of copy and paste function it didn’t take much of a time to extend it to 52 friends.

On the WhatsApp app open the page where all your current active chats are shown, press the menu soft key and tap the More option.

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Whats app broadcast message (4)Whats app broadcast message (1)

Now select Broadcast message, put a check against the friends you want to send the message to and tap the Done button. Type the message you want to broadcast and tap the send button. Don’t forget to copy the message in case you want to send it again in the next batch.

Whats app broadcast message (3)Whats app broadcast message (2)

The feature of WhatsApp is universal and can be found on all the platforms, just explore your WhatsApp menu and you will find it somewhere there.

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  • Suhail

    Thanks for sharing, it helped.

  • thelagun

    Could not find the way to FORWARD a broadcast message, i.e – I can create a new broadcast message, but how do i forward as broadcast a message which i have already got ? Tnx – Thelagun

    • aaddy

      copy paste the message

      • Rohan Sawant

        I can “copy-paste” a text message. That is FORWARDING a broadcast message works if the message in focus is in text form. I cannot forward an image file in this way! ;(

  • Suman Dey

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    • gurdev

      hi suman.

      i would like to have that software , please contact me .
      email – gurdev2006@gmail.com
      phone – 8527393776