How to Connect PSP Street to Desktop and Laptop to Play Games in Full Screen

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While playing a game on the 4.3” PSP screen, I bet you must have wondered how it would feel if you could connect the console to your desktop or laptop and play the same game on the big screen. If only a PSP had an HDMI output, we could have easily connected it to a bigger screen to increase the fun, but unfortunately that’s not the case. All we have is a USB cable output and that’s not enough to just plug and play…or is it?

psp game running on laptop

Yes, there’s a way out. Today we will see how you can connect PSP to your computer and play all the games in full screen.

Note: You will require a PSP running on a custom firmware 6.60. If you don’t have the custom firmware running you might have to update your firmware and install it before you can continue.

system info

Connecting PSP to Computer

Step 1: Make sure PSP is not in USB auto mount mode and it’s not connected to your computer. Download RemoteJoy Lite package on your computer and extract it to a folder.

Step 2: Navigate to RemoteJoy Lite\drivers\usb_driver and install the PSPDriver on your computer. The drivers work fine for users using Windows 32-bit. If you are running 64-bit OS, you will have to wait for my next post where we will show you how you can install the drivers in there as it gets a little tricky. (Here’s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit and how to find out which one you are running)

install drivers

Step 3: After the drivers are installed on your computer, mount the PSP Memory Stick and copy the RemoteJoyLite.prx  file to Memory Stick\seplugin folder. If you don’t have the folder already, you will have to create it.

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remote joy lite plugin

Step 4: Open the game.txt  and vhs.txt file in the seplugin folder in your computer and copy the text in the PSP’s vhs.txt and game.txt file. If your PSP seplugin does not have the files, you can simply copy and paste them.

Step 5: Having done that, connect the PSP to your computer without mounting memory stick and activate the RemoteJoy Lite plugin in PSP’s recovery menu. After the plugin is activated, reset PSP VHS recovery.

plugins psp

RJL bhs plugin

Step 6: After the PSP restarts, you can run the RemoteJoyLite_en.exe file from RemoteJoy Lite\GUI to get the PSP screen displayed on your computer.

remotejoylite running

You can now explore the plugin on your computer to control various aspects like frame rate and screen resolution. To activate full-screen mode, simply double click on the plugin display screen. You can even use your keyboard keys to play the games.

key info


I am sure you will love to play your favorite games on the bigger screen. Sound may be an issue as they will still be coming from the PSP but a pair of headphones should take care of that. 64-bit Windows users, just wait from my next post to experience the fun.

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  • nezaleži taktiež

    it will work with temporary hack ???

    • Ashish Mundhra


  • Alex Wolf

    I did everything via the 64 bit window version, I copied the files in the right order, I even made the program start up, but on the plugin in the recovery menu, there is no POPS file, only the VHS and GAME. What can I do?

  • Carye James Adelante

    it worked,. but when i tried to play a game, the screen in the laptop went black.. lol..
    why is it?.