How to Customize Windows 8 Lock Screen

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When you log in to Windows 8 for the first time after you migrate from Windows 7, the very initial changes that you will notice will be the Lock Screen and Metro Start Screen. We have already discussed how you can customize the Metro Start Screen and arrange Metro apps. Today we will see how we can customize the Lock Screen.

lock screen Windows 8

Lock Screen is a new concept introduced in Windows 8. Desktop and laptop users may not find the addition much useful but tablet users will love it. This lock screen will make sure that a user does not make any accidental taps while the device is in his bag pack.

There are two prominent elements that make up the Windows 8 Lock Screen. The first one is the background photo that takes up up to 95% of the lock screen while the second one are the apps that you can pin to it to gain direct access. First let’s see how we can change the lock screen background photo.

Changing Lock Screen Background

Step 1: Open Windows 8 Charm Bar (Windows+C) while you are on desktop and click on Settings button. You can directly open the Charm Settings using the Windows+I  hot key.

charm bar

Step 2: In the Charm Bar settings, click on Change PC Settings  to open your device Metro Settings.

charm settings

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Step 3: In PC Settings, open the Personalization tab  to show all the customization options. Select Lock screen here to personalize it.

pc settings

Step 4: You can easily change the default background image for the Lock screen here. Windows 8 gives you some photo suggestions to choose from. If you want to apply a personal image, click on the Browse button  to select the image from your hard disk.

pc settings

That was how you can change the background image. Let us now see how we can customize the apps that are pinned to the lock screen.

Customizing Lock Screen Apps

When you change the lock screen background photo, you will see the option to select the apps that show on the lock screen. In here you can click on the plus button to choose a new metro app to display on the lock screen. A user can select a maximum of eight apps for the Windows 8 lock screen.

choose apps


That’s how you can customize the all-new lock screen on Windows 8. Lock screen concept only makes sense if you are using a tablet. For laptops and desktops it’s more comfortable if you disable it all together. So next we will see how you can disable the lock screen in Windows 8. Stay tuned.

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  1. David Behrens says:

    This was disappointing; you simply pointed us to the settings we could have easily found, instead of introducing new secrets, or perhaps an external program.

  2. Doug says:

    I’ve found changing the lock screen does NOT change the initial lock screen shown after booting the PC. How can we change that screen?


    i can change anything in my lock screen

    session. can u please help me out

  4. super says:

    I cannot change my account picture or the lock screen image. The
    BROWSE button does not work. Its leagal activated win 8

  5. Erdos2 says:

    I can change the lock screen picture and sometimes it shows that image, but it often still shows he default space needle image. I do not see why it doesn’t always show th lock screen image.

  6. ankit says:
  7. sha says:

    Thanks Ashish:) This was very helpful!

  8. pankaj says:

    I cannot change my account picture or the lock screen image. The
    BROWSE button does not work. Its leagal activated win 8