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The internet is flooded with free ebook downloading sites. But very few of them offer you some unique features like finding and downloading books in different formats. is one such service that helps you to download more than 25,670 ebooks in any format according to your choice.

You can browse ebooks by author, title, category and language. Also check out  new titles and recommended titles. One of the most important feature of this site is its categories section where you will see lots of categories available such as Adventure, Arts, Music, Science, Fiction, Romance, Short stories, Thriller, travel etc. You can search for books in your favorite category.


You can download free ebooks in formats like PDF, Plain text, ZIP, Kindle, Palm DOC and many other formats as shown in the figure below.

download-format also offers you to preview all the important features of books such as name of the author, published date, language of book , word count, genres etc. You can take advantage of advance search feature also where you can search for your favorite book by title, subtitle, author, notes, year of publication, category etc.

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These eBooks are generated with the help of various tools and cached using Amazon’s S3 service. This service is absolutely free of cost. It means you can download any of the available 25670 books in any format totally free of cost.

You can sign up for the service for keeping record of all the books you’ve read or intend to read and sharing your records with others using RSS Bookshelf feeds.

You can also follow on Twitter @manybooks for new updates and alert for notable books.

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