[Quick Tip] Quickly Apply Rounded Corners to Pictures

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Even the graphically challenged amongst us love to try out cool photo editing tricks to enhance our photos before we upload or email them somewhere. Sometimes, even some trivial effects make a photo look more interesting than it actually is. Take applying rounded corners for example. Trivial trick, yet makes almost every picture look better. However, you’d be surprised to learn that not all photo effect tools offer this feature.

RoundPic is a free online service that gives the edges of your photos a makeover by rounding them off.


It works very simply: Browse to a photo on your hard drive and upload to the service. Alternatively paste in the URL of a photo that’s already online. Then click Round it! and wait a few seconds. RoundPic takes you to a screen where you can give your image a few more finishing touches like picking the corner(s) should be rounded, the type of rounding (on a scale from 1-12), the background color), and the dimensions and file-size of the newly rounded photo.

Give the file a name and download it back to your desktop.


  • RoundPic is very fast and effective for quickly creating anti-aliased rounded edges on your photos.


  • No batch operations.
  • The cluttered interface with the advertisements.

Overall, a nice tool to bookmark and re-visit when you have the urge to get rid of those sharp corners of a picture.

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