How to Completely Skip Start Screen in Windows 8

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The all-new Windows 8 Metro Start Screen; some love it, some hate it. Whenever you log into Windows 8, the Start Screen is the first thing that shows up with all the apps you have installed pinned to it. For the people who are not comfortable with the new Metro Start Screen, we have already seen how we can replace it with a classic Start Menu, but still one would get it for the first time during the Windows boot and some wouldn’t want that either.

Today I will show you how you can bypass the Start Screen altogether and open the desktop automatically every time you boot into Windows 8. Let’s have a look.

Skipping the Metro Start Screen

Step 1: Download CORRECTED-ClassicStarter archived file and extract it to a folder in your computer. The archive contains three files – ClassicStart.exe, ClassicStart.sfc and TaskScheduler.dll.

contained files

Step 2: Run the file ClassicStart.exe as administrator from the right-click context menu. The tool contains just a single action button, i.e. Login to Classic Desktop. Click on it and exit the program.


Step 3:That’s all, the next time you login to Windows 8 the start screen will be skipped automatically. There may be a fraction of seconds delay, but you probably won’t notice it.

Resorting to the Metro Start Menu

If you want to enable the default settings again and would like to launch the Start Screen during the Windows logon then run the tool as administrator again and click on the button Logon to Metro Desktop.

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The tools makes it a cakewalk to skip the Start Screen. Let’s have a look how the program actually works.

Behind The Screens

If you have noticed, the ClassicStart.sfc file is nothing but the Windows Show Desktop file (the one that was pinned to the Quick Launch section in the days of Windows XP). The tool simply creates a new task in Windows using the Windows Task Scheduler that runs the ClassicStart.sfc as soon as the user logs in.

task 1

tast 3

test 2

If you would like to make any changes to the task, you can search for _ClassicStart_JoeX_Job and edit it.


Pressing Windows+D together after Windows logs in gets it done too but when the computer can do the task for you, why care about pressing some extra buttons. Right?

Thanks to JoeX from My Digital Life Forum for the tool.

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  • Shashank Bhalla

    Great post. Thx.

  • simple

    press ESC when on the new Start Screen – it goes to desktop..