Solve Boot Loop Problem While Installing Custom ROMs on HTC One X

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Yesterday while installing a new custom ROM on HTC One X, I made a huge blunder. For those who have not yet installed any custom ROM on One X yet, here’s a bit of an info: There are two files that need to be flashed while installing a ROM. One is the ROM itself which should be copied to the internal SD card and flashed using ClockworkMod (CWM) Touch recovery, and another one is the Boot.img file that’s needs to be flashed in the bootloader using Fastboot commands.

HTC One X boot

The blunder I did was that I forgot to copy the ROM flashable zip file and flashed the boot.img file using Recovery and when I realized it, it was too late and my phone was already in a boot loop.

So let’s see how I managed to resolve the boot loop issue, but before we proceed any further, always remember that even if your phone is in boot loop, you can always boot in bootloader mode by holding down both power and down volume key simultaneously till you see the recovery screen.

Erase Cache

The first thing you can try to get out of boot loop is to erase the phone cache memory. To do so you will first need to boot into phone’s bootloader and connect the USB cable to the phone. Now open the command prompt in administrative mode and navigate to the folder which contains the Fastboot files and write down the command fastboot erase cache and press enter. After the command is successfully executed, type in fastboot reboot-bootloader and try to reboot your phone.

Always keep the last working ROM on Mobile

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This one is very important. As the interim CWM recovery installed on most of the rooted HTC One X cannot mount the internal storage to a computer, it’s advisable to keep the last working custom ROM on your SD card along with the boot.img file on your computer. When your phone is boot loop, you can always flash the ROM and fix the issue.

Restore Nandroid Backup

I have always emphasized on creating a Nandroid backup before installing a new ROM on the phone. If anything goes wrong, you can restore the Nandroid backup to get out of the boot loop.

Repair Corrupted CWM

I don’t know it’s usual or not but while restoring the backup, I corrupted my phone’s ClockworkMod recovery. A working CWM recovery is very important to restore the phone in working condition. To restore the CWM recovery, reboot the phone in bootloader and connect it to your computer.

automated fastboot commands

Download and extract HTC One X toolkit on your computer run the contained batch file. Make the choice to flash interim recovery After your recovery is restored, you can restore the Nandroid backup.


I do not guarantee that these steps will solve the problems on your phone, but as I could restore my phone I think there is a huge chance that you might too. Hopefully you wouldn’t make the mistake I made but we’re humans, so bookmark this post and refer to it in case you fall in the trap too in future .

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  1. bulletao says:

    what if i didnt install a backup before it went to bootloop. now idk what to do. any suggestions

  2. secanix79 says:

    hi, erase cache failed, what can I do?

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I thought I’d bricked mine after I flashed a boot image to recovery, oops! Reflashing the recovery image didn’t work, it just went into a boot loop although I could see that it was trying to recover. Erasing the cache sorted it :-)

  4. Sushant says:

    will it work on my galaxy s plus I9001?… my cwm seems corrupted

  5. yash911 says:

    hey i flashed aokp unofficial JB 4.1.1 rom with boot.img using command prompt…..but my phone (HTC ONE V) got stuck on the boot screen showing only the logo og htc……i tried to wipe data nd cache many a times but failed… do i flash a new boot.img of another kernel from recovery coz i m stuck in it….??? plz help

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I dont have a clear idea about One V. I would suggest you contact the ROM developer and post him your doubts on XDA Developers. I am sure they will help you out.

  6. martynwright1979 says:
  7. Nilesh Gupta says:

    no batch file found in the link

  8. sdfasd says:

    no batchfile asshile

  9. Ostin Ostin says:

    my htc one s is autometic dead no usb canect for pc help me plz

  10. Baqar says:

    i was trying to install new custom rom 4.2.2 on my htc one x and i made a mistake that instead of copying zip files i unziped the folder and past it in the root and followed the process but there was no zip file in my sd card so i got stuck and i had to reboot my phone but i when i did i got stuck on that htc start screen and i cant do nothing. i backup my previous rom on cwm and restored it but it seems its not working for me too. in bootloader mode it says restore is completed but when i reboot my phone it gets stuck on the same start screen. i tried your above mention process to erase cache but i guess its not working for me either any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated.


    • lyrikal says:

      i have a solution for u.. i had this same problem some few days ago trying to install stock rom 4.2.2 and this what i very easy!! dont try to run RUU or don’t need a 100% percent full battery to do this.. the good news for me was that i had my buck up on my pc..

      first boot your htc x to bootloader, connect the usb cord then to fastboot use. copy the recovery file and the boot.img file from backup and placed them into the fastboot files on the computer.. open cmd on your computer and navigated to my fastboot files. type in these command.

      fastboot erase cache

      fastboot flash recovery ” then use tab to navigate to the recovery file then flash”

      fastboot boot ” then navigate to the boot.img file then enter”
      you phone will then reboot to your original stock rom

      you can also run your back up first on your phone then issue the fastboot commands to get your phone back to the installed software and programs on your phone
      it works 100%

      if should in case you don’t have your back up on your pc..
      dont worry!!! make more research and fine a way to get your back up on your pc because it is possible!!

  11. caila says:

    hi! please help me.
    my one x is turning off and on by itself. doesn’t even show the main will just turn on then turn off. what should i do?

  12. JOSHUA says:

    Bought a HTC one X not in warranty. Kept asking for system update and I checked Ok. Did some phone download for 143 MB asked for installing. Did the installation mobile asked for restarting and all of a sudden crashed and kept booting and rebooting. Only the Home screen appears and then gets switched off. Did factory reset but it is of no use. Not in warranty don’t know what to do.

  13. martin says:

    I had no access to sdcard . Pc wouldn’t let me transfer the zip of the Rom to the phones memory so I downloaded it straight to my phone. But after flashing viper Rom onto my phone I found that I couldn’t do a restore from helium backup on pc. HTC manager also not restoring.

  14. Darko says:

    Hi..i have tryied to root my One X with OneX toolkit, but no success…i have unlocked the bootloader,but when i tryed to flash recovery TWRP, it said ok,but i couldnt use menu,it was stuck and i had to reboot the phone…now i cant load any recovery…just says cant load….help please

  15. Bha Vin says:

    plz help me wat i doo noww my phone is just showing this screen n when i reboot it stuck on htc logo

  16. San Thiru says:

    Replacing CWM worked for me. But how can i update the CWM without getting into this bootloop problem? So far, CWM is perfectly fine with AndroidRevolutionHD and CM11.0. Thanks any way. Learned a lot.

  17. Craig Gilman says:

    I am struggling to sideload a ROM with adb or other method, stupidly didn’t backup or kept a ROM on SD card. I’m an idiot noon. Any way to push the ROM in? Struggling with various adb errors too

  18. Cavein says:

    Help. Forgot to copy the ROM to the phone before flashing boot.img, my custom ROM installation on my HTC One X at&t has gone horribly wrong, now am stuck in a boot loop… Complete with threats from the ‘quietly brilliant’