[Quick Tip] Hold Mouse Right Button for More Options On Drag and Drop

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Almost all of us have adapted to the drag and drop style of opening applications, playing songs and videos on players, creating bookmarks, moving files/folders and lot more. And we generally do this with the left mouse button held.

Recently, I happened to hold the right button on my mouse while trying to move a file into a folder by the drag and drop method. It was then I discovered that such a movement offers options to choose from. Let us see what they are. (We are talking about Windows computers here).

When we drag a file with the left button held we see something like Move To appearing on the activity. The result is that the dragged file/folder is moved to the dropped folder.


Doing so with the right button shows similar text (Move To). But, as soon as we leave the mouse button to drop our file/folder we are presented with a list of three options to choose from.


  • Copy here keeps the original in the current location and creates a copy in the dropped folder. It matches the copy and paste action.
  • Move here moves the original from current location to the dropped folder. It matches cut and paste action.
  • Create Shortcut here keeps the original in the current location creates a shortcut pointing to that location in the dropped folder.

Did you know about this trick? Are you going to use it for quick toggle options of file and folder movement?

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  1. Ernesto Pizarro says:

    This has been a feature in windows for quite a few years and versions. Its weird that so many windows users don’t know about it since concepts like the context menu and right-clicking have been around for so long. Don’t remember if it was a feature in 95 or 98 but i know i’ve been using it for a long time.

  2. I liked it