How to Bulk Delete Facebook Messages In An Instant

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There are some unheralded little extensions in the Chrome Web Store that sometimes boost your productivity tenfold. Just one such is a tiny Chrome extension called Facebook Fast Delete Messages. When it comes to Facebook, we (or at least I) access the Messages page directly. Facebook has lately become chat centric, and unanswered chat messages find their place and pile up on the Messages page. If you are a super-user, then that page could easily rival a Gmail inbox in terms of clutter.

Why is This Extension Important?

Facebook does not give us a delete all button. We have to individually go from message to message one by one, and even the most fastidious organizer will admit that it’s a bit too much. Enter the Facebook Fast Delete Messages Chrome extension. It adds a button in Facebook messages pages to fast delete them. After installing the extension, this is what you see on Messages…

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Now, with the help of the Delete All button you can fast delete all messages that are on the current page in one go. Alternatively, a red-crossed button also allows you to delete single messages without leaving the page. The second option is for when you want to selectively delete only some messages and leave the rest.

I would have liked for a confirmation pop-up asking for permission again before it deletes all messages, in case I do a last minute mind change. That apart, this extension can clear up and unclutter your Facebook Messages page in an eye-blink.

Does your Facebook account need a spring cleaning? Try out Facebook Fast Delete Messages to leave it spic and span.

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