[Quick Tip] Give Your MS Word Document A Parchment Paper Background

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Black text on white background is the usual way to go with MS Word documents. Sometimes though you have to spice it up and give it a different look just to draw attention. An easy way is to go retro and give your Word document that parchment look. It might not be such a good idea for professional documents but you can try it out when the requirements aren’t so rigid.

Here are the quick steps:

Step 1. Choose Page Layout  tab on the Ribbon. Go to Page Color -> Fill Effects.

Step 2. In the Fill Effects box, click on the Texture  tab.

Step 3. Click through the texture swatches on display (the names appear just below) and then select the swatch for Parchment.

Step 4. Click OK. Word applies the parchment texture to the background.

Alternatively, you can also experiment with the other ‘paper’ textures like Papyrus, Paper Bag, Newsprint, Recycled Paper, Stationery, Blue Tissue Paper, and Pink Tissue Paper. Hope Word users among you liked this quick tip.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for posting this up! It was really helpful! :-)

  2. Justine says:

    Thanks :)

  3. Greer says:

    Is there a template for the texture called PARCHMENT? Or, is ther ANY WAY POSSIBLE to change the color (I need green and i am desperate to find this)!!!

    I have tried everything……..denied.

  4. Greer says:

    Can someone, anyone please explain HOW to change the color of the parchment paper background in Word, or where I can find a template? i swear, i have been looking for 3 weeks………….nothing.

  5. Ryder679 says:

    In the new word, it’s in the Design Tab