5 Reasons Why GO SMS Pro for Android is Better than Stock App

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Over the months, we have talked about numerous apps that make your Android even better. However, I have realized lately that other than making calls, SMS is the next vital task cell phones are used for and we are yet to cover significant content on that front. Well, it’s never too late for a good post and today we’ll share a great app that makes texting experience on Android amazingly better.

Though an Android comes with a stock SMS app, it only provides some basic SMS features. Today we’ll take up GO SMS Pro, a really cool messaging app for Android that brings some jaw-dropping features to your Android SMS inbox.

Go SMS For ANdroid app

So, without further ado, here are the reasons for using GO SMS Pro and not the default Android text message/SMS system.

Secure SMS using Private Box

Using GO SMS you can easily secure text messages of selected contacts and hide them from the prying eyes of people around you. Private box is a feature of GO SMS Pro that encrypts selected SMS using a password. We have already discussed how you can set up private box on Android in the past. So let’s keep rolling and see the rest of the features.

Schedule SMS

If were to ask me the one feature I miss the most on the stock Android messaging app, it would be the power to schedule an SMS. Suppose you want to wish your friend on his birthday at midnight, or you might want to send a periodic reminder to someone. The facility to schedule an SMS can really come in handy in such situations. To schedule one on GO SMS, pull up the menu and select Schedule from the Services tab. Again select New Schedule from the menu.

Schedule SMSGo SMS For ANdroid  (4)

You must now compose the SMS, provide the contact information and set the future date and time you want to send the SMS at. If you want to make the SMS periodic, click on the Repetition dropdown menu and select the type of repetition you want. Once you have done all that, click on the commit button to save the settings.

Go SMS For ANdroid  (2)Go SMS For ANdroid  (3)

The message will be sent out at the specific date and time automatically.

Backup and Restore SMS

Though there are many Android and PC applications to backup and restore messages, GO SMS just integrates it right to your inbox. Why use individual apps, one to read SMS and other to back them up when you can do all of them under the same roof?

To create a backup using GO SMS, open the Services tab again but select SMS B&R (Backup and Restore) this time. Put a check on the type of backup you want to take. To configure additional backup settings, press the settings button right next to the backup button. Once you have configured that, press the Backup button. You can also forward the file to your email.

SMS backup and restoreGo SMS For ANdroid  (5)

When you want to restore the SMS, select the Restore tab and press the Restore button. If you have any GO SMS backup file on your SD card, the app will automatically scan for the latest and restore the SMS with the exact date and time on which you received the SMS.

Black List SMS

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SMS or a text message is a great way to communicate when you have to convey a short message to someone really quick. But sometimes they can be irritating as hell. Many telemarketing companies have nothing else to do but to spam inboxes with promotional stuff most of the people really don’t care about.

GO SMS gives you peace of mind by automatically hiding these SMS alerts as well as the messages from the inbox. If you already have the SMS in your inbox you want to blacklist, long press on the message thread and select Add to blacklist.

GO SMS for Android Features (3)

To set up advance SMS blocking, swipe your GO SMS screen from left to right and select SMS Blocker from the list of installed apps.

Go SMS For ANdroid  (6)GO SMS for Android Features (4)

The SMS blocked tab is your blacklisted inbox. On the Block Settings you can create custom rules to blacklist SMS. These rules can be based upon contained text, number prefix, etc. GO SMS also has an AI based SMS blocking feature you can try.

GO SMS for Android Features (1)

Auto Reply to incoming SMS and Missed Calls

You are in a meeting, and you cannot take up calls or reply to SMS but at the same time you don’t want to appear rude. The Auto reply feature of GO SMS can really help you out here. You will find the Auto replay feature in the Services tab itself, select it.

Go SMS For ANdroid  (1)

Now, select the message you want to send automatically (select the text and not the green dot) to set up the settings. Edit the text and set up the rules of Auto reply. Once you are done, touch the Save button.

autoreply (2)autoreply (1)

Click on the Safeguard text to specify when the Auto reply feature should go off automatically. This is really helpful to cut down cost if you have to pay for your outgoing SMS.

Go SMS For ANdroid  (7)


That’s not all. Do try out the app and explore all its other nifty features that we didn’t cover in the post, leaving on you to find out. I am sure it will do a lot better than your stock app. What do you think?

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  • BOB


    This app wants 24/7 access to your camera and microphone. NO APP NEEDS THAT. REALIZE THIS:


    • http://www.facebook.com/RyWry Ryan Earwood

      Wow. Paranoid, much? It needs camera and mic access for it’s built in MMS abilities. In no way can it turn on your camera and start recording you at will.

      • http://www.techpanache.com/ Ashish Mundhra

        Thanks for the help there !! :)

  • a.s.

    Awesome app but do NOT download any free themes! It will put malware or “corrupted software” on your phone and the only way to get rid of it is to factory reset! So tread lightly.

    I do recommend this app as long as you stay away from the themes. The good news is you can create your own without downloading anything.

    • Rod

      I have used this for years and never had this problem. Try only installing themes through Google Play and not your “free” themes you downloaded elsewhere

  • N@acho

    ¡How can I save my SMSs on the SIM card? Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.techpanache.com/ Ashish Mundhra

      Why do you want to backup SMSs to SIM Card? A normal SIM card has a maximum storage capacity of 30 sms sms only and might not support thread structure.

    • Scanner

      I prefer to use “Email My Texts”. It sends the thread (or even ALL, if you choose) to wherever you choose to email it. I liked it so much I bought the paid version.

  • Rich Morris

    How do you get it to stop telling you that it sent the scheduled text(s)? I even turned off notifications for all texts and it’s still vibrating/beeping to tell me it sent the message…

  • Erica

    HOW DO I save an entire thread of text and send it to my email?

  • lk sharma

    dear sir i want to join go sms co.how i can join?
    lk sharma

  • eugene

    im a bit paranoid. bottom line.. do i have to pay anythong what so ever when i use this app or send texts? DO I HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING AT ALL.. EVER?

    • Rod

      No.. this is a free app. Only some of the better themes require you to pay. Though you can find plenty of good ones for free.

      • James

        The app is free but you will not get all the features listed above unless you pay for the pro version which is $4.99. I used the free version for about a year. The scheduling feature, private box mainly all the cool features are part of the pro version. It is well worth the price. This is a replacement text messaging app for your phone and works cross platform. It is not a messaging app where your friends need to have this app downloaded to communicate.

  • Zia

    Hi Ashish, I have not find the way to block SMS to MMS conversion for long messages in go sms pro, that is why I am using Handcent app. What are the settings for this problem in Go SMS Pro?

  • vishvajeet

    one question… whether it uses internet to send sms or ur sms pack??

    • Rod

      It uses your SMS plan obviously. Though they do have a great feature with Go SMS Chat, that sends it through the internet. These don’t count against your sms limit, it is instantaneously and this is also how it sends voice messages.

  • Lexi

    How can you tell if a person with an iPhone received your text from go sms pro for android? Thanks!

    • Don Bixby

      Ask them?

      • Word

        : { ]

  • DrJKH

    I’ve had nothing but problems with it. And the “help” is all in some of the worst engrish I’ve ever seen.

  • son

    whenever i send long sms or sms that exceeds 80 characters, the sms is sent. but the receiver only receives almost half of the message. its like it has a limit. help please. thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Makepeace/724199748 Steve Makepeace

    one of the features that you have not mentioned that I find very useful is long press on any message and you have the ability to share it with other apps or services. So I can immediately share funny jokes with Twitter or Facebook, save to Pocket or Evernote. For me it’s invaluable, plus the scheduling is pure joy!

    • http://www.techpanache.com/ Ashish Mundhra

      That’s a cool feature but it’s not a GO SMS feature but Android feature. You can do the same on stock or any other SMS management app for Android.
      Thanks for pointing it out though. Most of us miss out on these little but useful tricks.

  • Pamela

    How do you get it to send MMS…every time I try to send a pic, it just spins. Is there a setting? And I cannot receive MMS at all.

    • 1337

      Did you disable the default message app? You need to leave the default message app on. Just disable all notifications from the default message app if you don’t want to be bothered by 2 message apps at the same time.

  • Shadownfl

    If you do not purchase SMSPro Premium Pack they send you push texts so if you do not have an unlimited text account it wastes your $. It seems that $ is the only to stop them?

  • Stella

    do my friends have to have GO SMS also, I just want to send and receive pictures/texts without turning on my data, I can’t receive pictures with just my wi-fi

    • troy

      thats how my stock messaging works so its just the way the network works

    • Tim

      MMS messages can not be sent via wifi. MMS messages *require* the data service to be enabled and active to send. If you’re on wifi, the phone switches to the Mobile Network to end the MMS, and then back to wifi after it has been sent. It’s how MMS works.

      (source: i work for tech support for a small independant teleco in Canada)

  • TabletJunkie

    I read about this app in another article today and downloaded it because I want to send SMS with my mobile phone sim on my tablet and get rid of my phone all together. So far seems to work. I just want to check, this is definitely using my mobile sms plan and not using up my data allowance to send txts? And, what would you recommend to use my voice allowance with the tablet. Does Go SMS have a feature for talking that won’t use my data?

  • alexis 45

    i am currently using the app . my mom has an account to monotor my txt messages , when i use the private box it doesnt pop up in my normal txt messages , it only goes to the app . so can my mom see my messages ??

    • Jeff Seid

      It will be visible from the actual billing – no matter what APP you use – it’s still going through the phone companies server and will be visible

    • kditty

      you would be better to get xabber and have your friends use it. same thing as pidgin or adium, its a jabber service and encrypts on the phone>sends to server encrypted> then on your friends side, decrypts on the device.

      also no leftover texts. it uses the cyberpunks ‘off the record’ code think of it like aol instant messenger on youre phone. hell, you can even use aol, icq, whatever you want really

  • Jenelle

    I selected “encrypt” text, entered a pw twice, and now I am not sure where I have to go to view this again

  • Osama Mursleen

    Kindly tell me where are settings menu in new UI 5.0.. i am unable to find settings menu button on my HTC Desire… Help me

  • Muhammad talha

    Hi Guys

    help me

    i have samsung m100s andriod. Go sms pro was not working, sms recived but cant sent sms from go sms. Can any body tell me how its work

  • yon

    is there a way to quicky access GoSMS from any screen? Like biteSMS for iPhone is volume down tap screen. so when im playing candy crush, i wanna txt without switching back to home screen then opening up GoSMS.

  • renee raynes

    My friend lives in an area with little to no data, and I live in a place with wifi and not service. does this app work for both our situations?

  • Chrissy Ramirez

    I have Verizon so I have a limited amt of data to share with someone else. Does go SMS use data or just text cuz I have unlimited text n call but limited data..

  • Natasha

    I am not seeing where I can set up auto reply & other auto reply apps are not working. What can I do?

  • jaybra

    if i have unlimited texting do i get charged when i use this app?

  • LucyT

    LUV IT!!! was able to access my messages straight away after downloading this app & it has awesome features!

  • Michael

    GoSMS backup does NOT work. I have been counting on GoSMS to backup my text messages. I even paid for the cloud service so it was backed up off my phone. Now I bought a new phone and the restore feature does not work. When I use it, is says “successfully restored” however it does not happen. Worse is that I have written GoSMS technical support twice and they ignore me. You pay for a cloud back up service and not only does it not work, they ignore you. GoSMS is a NO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  • (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    quoting a previous comment “How do you get it to stop telling you that it sent the scheduled text(s)? I even turned off notifications for all texts and it’s still vibrating/beeping to tell me it sent the message…”

  • bbppoosstt

    how do I see a preview of the message in the status bar only and not a pop-up?

    • baalp

      settings -> notification settings -> turn off enable popup window

  • Kristen Smith

    Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 I can send sms but can not send mms or pictures. I have my mobile data active and my stock messenger is still active but i can not send through go sms what am i doing wrong or is there a setting i am missing?

  • Cindy

    How can I disable “speak now” to text in Go SMS Pro? Its really annoying that it starts recording me like every 3rd text I send. And sometimes it evens sends out a recording I didn’t want to record in the first place.

  • Bronx

    SOS!! HELP!! I backed up my messages to my sd card because I had to Uninstall and reinstall the app after a phone update and it doesn’t seem that my private box was saved at all. I am unable to retrieve anything from the private box including pictures and files!!!! There has to be a way to retrieve these, right???

  • Joel

    Currently using this app, but after the latest android update all my text messages also appears in my email.??!? How is this possible?

  • Richard Barnes

    is there a way in the conversation appearance that you can display contact pictures next to the message. I have just installed this app and cant find where to do this. Only in the conversation list

  • Nikolas

    I use GoSMS on a Galaxy Ace but when a text arrives the stock app button at the bottom has a little annoying “1” at the corner. Although I have set GoSMS as the default app to handle my messages, why do they still appear at the stock app? Something like this didn’t happen with TextSecure.

  • JimS

    The AUTOREPLY function appears not to work. I have tried it numerous times but the text wont send…all settings appear correct..number is not blocked and is in address book, etc. Thoughts?

  • Danny Piffly

    hey listen it keeps sending 7 duplicates when i mass text.. so i figured if i paid for the app it would fix something.. well it didnt…it says i can send 1000 texts … but i was doing that before i even paid for it.. so whats the problem.. and why cant i blast a picture to all these people?

  • Danny Piffly

    where did my post go

  • JoshAdam

    At least the messaging app built into the android doesn’t have the stupid button to send a voice message. It’s on the bottom right of the app and you press it by mistake all the time and send people voice messages which costs so much money! Check your phone bill to see how much GoSMS costs.

  • tessa204

    i just installed go sms pro as well on my new samsung s4 mini. getting tons of ads which is really annoying. i tried ad blocker but that doesnt help. any ideas? does anyone else get at least 5 ads or more per day from these go pro guys??

  • Michael Hansen

    i love program how do i call tech support can find a phone number or help as text are comming up as a dl file

    • cynindesign

      They are in Hong Kong or someplace like that

  • priyam khare

    i m using this app but i have a problem sms is not sending in a new version plz help me…

  • Ally

    If you have a thread in the private box does it show up on your bill?

  • Martin

    Tried it, hate it. I just want to send a simple text sms from the tablet to one recipient, the amount of useless option crap and interface crap is staggering.
    Completely crappy interface design too, it is never remotely clear what is where. I enter a mobile number and it appears as part of the text field, which I can’t edit etc. etc.
    Shit app.

  • Carolyn Lubecker

    I receive responses to group messages that I’m included in, but I never get the original text? Any ideas? I also can’t find anything about group messaging in the settings part of the app…


    the free sms thingy is not working for me. my friend has this thingy installed also and the name even appears under my free message contact list. but i still cant send messages and its coming as unsuccessful.. do they also hv to be online the time i send the messages to them or can they receive them later? i really dont get it.. do the both of us hv to be online at the same time for this thing to work?

  • cynindesign

    I’ve used GOSMS Pro for years and love it, but I’ve installed it on my Galaxy Note Tab 4, Verizon so it has its own phone # …I’ve not been able to type a message yet, as I’ve tried to tap into the message area, no response…although I CAN type in who’s it’s to

  • Not happy with “update”

    Time to update this review. The latest update has removed many features including custom settings.

  • April

    If I black list someone, do they know? Do they just see that there message was sent or does it say not send?

  • momo

    does GO SMS a sthe sms premium function..?? i am not being able to activate my account in an online game as they say u need to have sms premium function activated in order to receive our sms code…??

  • Browniz

    I cannot text to 5 digit numbers with Go SMS. Is there something I can change in the settings to do so?

  • Pissed Off Andy

    Go SMS is a buggy piece of garbage that spews a crap load of ads. Also, it’s made by the same assholes who made Go Backup which is completely broken and they don’t bother respond to PAYING customers tickets at all.

    I suggest you stay from any of their products.

  • Joe Dee

    How can i go about getting my texts printed out? i have some that were backed up and now i need to get them and print them out.