How to Password Protect SMS/Text Message Threads on Android

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android-logo Previously, we have seen how you can hide private photos and videos on Android. I am sure many Android users must have started storing their personal media on phone without the fear of someone discovering them after reading that article of ours.

No doubt, photos and videos are important and should be secured but so are the text messages, especially the ones you wouldn’t want to be revealed to someone else accidentally. I have a few crazy friends who never text me for a reason, still I love to read them and have a laugh. I used to delete them after reading so that no one stumbles upon them accidentally or intentionally and jumps to wrong conclusions.

The above is just one of the scenarios where one might want to protect an SMS/text message with a password. People may have different reasons to keep them locked-down. So today we’ll see how to secure text messages on Android using a password.

We will use Go SMS Pro for the task. Though there are many Android applications available on Play Store that claim to secure text messages, after trying out couple of them Go SMS appeared as the winner to me.

Securing SMS using GO SMS

Step 1: Download and install Go SMS Pro from Google Play Store. After configuring the app on first use, you will be able to access all your existing message threads in the Go SMS inbox.

Step 2: Before we start using private box on Go SMS Pro, we will need to configure it. Open the app menu and navigate to the Services tab. Here, select Private box to get started.

Go SMS Pro Private Box (3)Go SMS Pro Private Box (4)

Step 3: Go SMS will now ask you to set up the private box and provide a password that will be used to encrypt the messages. Having done that, you will be taken to your private box.

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Go SMS Pro Private Box (6)Go SMS Pro Private Box (2)

Step 4: All you need to do now is add contacts to the private box. SMS/MMS from all the contacts whom you will be encrypting and adding in the private box will remain hidden from the normal inbox. These encrypted messages will also be hidden from other apps that have permission to read your messages.

Go SMS Pro Private Box (8)Go SMS Pro Private Box (9)

You can now exit the app to lock your private box. From now on, whenever you receive a SMS from a secured contact, you will get a private contact notification alert. Clicking on it to will open the SMS provided you entered the correct password.

Go SMS Pro Private Box (11)Go SMS Pro Private Box (7)

You can also see all the messages in the private box from Menu—>Services—>Private box. To change the settings, tap the Settings button at the top right section in the private box. Though can change the lock type of private box from automatic to manual, I recommend you stick to the automatic mode for maximum security.

Go SMS Pro Private Box (10)Go SMS Pro Private Box (1)

If you want to modify your private box encryption password, you can do that too from the settings menu. To make a message public again, long touch the contact thread in the private box and select Move out of private box.


To conclude, all I’d say is that if you have an urge to hide SMS on your Android from the prying eyes of people around you, Go SMS private box is one of the most secure methods to do so. What do you think?

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  1. Carlosmpt says:

    So when I originally set up Go SMS I created a password. One month goes by and I can’t remember the password. How do I retrieve it?

    • take an overall backup of all the messages… then uninstall the application and install it once again.. after u have installed the application once again.. restore the previous settings as well as messages and then while u are opening the private box the application will ask you to set up a new password and here you can access your lost private messages once again! :)

  2. tazhea says:

    I reached about 8100 messages in my private box and they dissappeared all of a sudden . is there a way i can recover my messages?

    • svhoyle says:

      Did you get an answer to your question? I would certainly be interested in the solution.

  3. Anjana says:

    Is there some way to set a shortcut to access Private Box. Its tedious to go to Go Sms > Menu > Private box everytime I need to read a message from private contact.

  4. Tanmay Chakrabarty says:

    Thank you very much, will give it a try.

  5. Lava says:

    Can you please for the love of God have this app available on iphone ios6. Will pay if we need to pay! I want the private inbox for specific group of people not to be shown on the standard messaging app. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the love of God.

  6. Parag Patel says:

    I think best application could be PSB – Private SMS MMS Box, it have lots of other feature which GoSMS not providing.

  7. ….but if you still have the original messaging app on the phone, you can always just access these “private” messages through there. *smacks forehead* DOH!

  8. sj says:

    thx for the info it was very useful and helpful i now know not jus anyone can grab my phone and go threw it thx

  9. lasagna lovy says:

    i never change my security lock password, and Go Sms Pro suddenly did not recognise my password. Please help me sir, there is some important message inside my inbox. Thank You

  10. arun says:

    I accidently uninstall the app with all my saved text messages is there anyway to recover back the text messages that was saved???


  11. thomas says:

    what if you forgotten the private messages password? how do you reset that, genious?

  12. Edward Clark says:

    I just got a new Nexus 4 and I set up SMS pro. When I go to set up my private box, it immediately asks me for my password. I have not yet set it up. It skips the step that asks me to set up a password. I had used this on a previous phone without a problem. Anyone help?

    • andi says:

      same thing happened to me and i get get into it and wont send m email the password either what can i do help???

  13. Lakshay Pahuja says:
  14. haley says:

    since the go sms pro update, I can’t find my private box???

  15. nice_one says:

    I donr have the services tab on my go sms pro but i want to use private messages, im using a samsung galaxy s3. Also i chose to use pattern lock for my messages but now i cant find the.option to change it to nimeric.lock or remove the lock at all. Please hwlp

  16. Therese says:

    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I don’t have services tab, how do I get my private box messages to work?

  17. stacell lopez says:

    Now that we have a new update what I’m the world happened to my privacy box? Services aren’t even there anymore. Think I’ll uninstall unless I get an answer.

    • PeS says:

      It’s on the left corner menu….i was surprised too, but finally found it 😉

      • Txgyp says:

        I know this is an old post but I recently reactivated my private box for go sms pro messages but then immediately was unable to find the test thread I sent there! I have no “service” option as mentioned in other posts & nothing else worked…until tonight when I thought of doing a long tap on the word “messages” in my main text box & what do you know, it promoted me to enter my password and promptly displayed my private text box!! Give this a try, hopefully that’ll help if you haven’t already figured out another way to access them!

  18. cyberz says:

    True! No “private box” in left corner menu and no “service” in menu -> settings
    Unfortunately, GO SMS it’s a bugged app.

  19. vartika says:

    how to hide the count of unread message in private box

  20. irene O says:

    How can I get to all my locked messages in the private box?

  21. r. west says:

    I had a Samsung exhibit and downloaded gosms pro to that phone. I stored some important text messages to my private box. I ended up getting a new phone, galaxy S3 and want to know if those messages are transferrable by putting in my password. I can’t find them. Please help.

  22. Marco says:


    Personally I prefer Safe Sms! This is the link:

    The application allows you to hide incoming and outgoing sms. Just choose the contacts you want to “protect” and the application does the rest.

    You can also send text messages directly from the application and they will be invisible outside of the application.

    I use it and I find it 100% secure.

  23. Sunshine says:

    When I receive a private box message my notifications isn’t making a sound anymore to alert me that I have a message. Is that something different now cause I like to be notified when I have a message on my phone.

  24. h3ll0kitty84 says:

    I prefer hancent sms, it’s amazing and fully customizable with a background, text color, etc. The privacy box is great too. You can even customize the notification style: text bubble, envelope, color and led color.

  25. simhachelam T says:

    How to delete threads? I am not getting this options.
    Also there is no option of forward message. Can any one help?

  26. simhachelam T says:

    How to delete threads? No options coming
    Also there is no forward option ? Can any one help?

  27. DRRP says:

    Are u able 2 block the caller that u have in private message but still get there messages?

  28. sunny says:

    has someone advice me about Eclipse Android because my project stack simultaneously is any other way except Eclipse