How to Sync Yahoo Contacts and Calendar With MS Outlook

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MS Outlook works as a wonderful email client when it comes to synchronization of messages from multiple email accounts that we use. But then you would also want to bring together the list of calendar events and contacts attached to those accounts.

Different calendar apps allow you to do this stuff in different ways. And today we are going to see how to sync Yahoo Mail calendar and contacts with the Outlook client.

Cool Tip: Outlook can also come in handy when you want to transfer your contacts from Android to BlackBerry.

Steps to Sync Yahoo Contacts With Outlook

It is really frustrating when you desperately need to find someone’s contact details and you can’t seem to instantly figure which online account you had them associated with. It is better to bring all your contacts together into a central repository. The steps will tell you how to do the same for Yahoo.

Step 1: Log in to your Yahoo account, open the email interface and navigate to the Contacts tab.


Step 2: Look for the Actions button, expand it and click on the option for Export All.


Step 3: On the next page you will find multiple options. Choose the requisite export format. In our case it would be the one against Microsoft Outlook.


Step 4: You would be prompted with a file download which is in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Save this file and note the location.


Step 5: Now, open the MS Outlook interface and go to File. Choose the option for Import and Export.


Step 6: On the Import and Export Wizard dialog, choose the type of import you need. Here, it is Import from another program or file.

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Step 7: Next, you would need to select the type of file. Since, the file saved in Step 4 was in CSV format, that’s what we choose here.


Step 8: Browse for the file (where you had saved in Step 4) and also denote the type of import for duplicate items (if any).


Step 9: Choose the destination to sync the file viz. contacts to. It is an obvious thing that you would choose contacts. But then there is a possibility that you have maintained multiple files for that.


Step 10: Give a green signal to finish the activity. It will copy for a few seconds and then you will be able to access all your Yahoo contacts form your Outlook interface.


Steps to Sync Yahoo Calendar With Outlook

The procedure here is a little different and easier than the regular ones. In order to get this done you will have to download Yahoo Sync.

Step 1: Close MS Outlook if it is open currently. Now, run the application that you just downloaded. That is all you need to do.

Step 2: Now, open MS Outlook and you will be notified to choose the type of sync you want to establish between the two. Our concern is only one way sync from Yahoo to Outlook.


Step 3: Enter you account details and relax. The app will handle all other details.



Integrating the web accounts with desktop clients is the latest trend in personal technology. And why not, it makes things so easy to use and organize for us. So, have you synced your online contacts with Outlook yet?

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Archived Comments

  1. TK says:

    Hi, I would love to do this but get an error message saying ‘Error getting calender information, check your setting and try again’ I’ve checked everything and all looks good. Any suggestions?

  2. George says:

    Contact “SYNC” would mean you change one and it changes the other, these instructions are for “export” and “import” not even close to a “sync”

  3. Blakely says:

    This SO VERY MUCH DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!! And, better yet, there’s NO SUPPORT contact info to try and troubleshoot!!

  4. Slappie says:

    do you havea solution for Windows7? Seems the Yahoo sync you refer to only works for XT

  5. Jack says:

    These are instructions for importing contacts not synchronizing. Huge difference. How often would one want import contacts to keep up to date? If you add contacts to your email account on a daily basis, you will need to import every time you want to keep contacts up to date. No helpful at all. Exporting/Importing contacts is useful but not if you want to sync contacts between server and clients.

  6. stacey says:

    Yea………pos…………I’ve had a yahoo acct for 15 years and so frustrated by the lack of integration……..terrible everything! I need to bite the bullet and switch.

  7. Hubert says:

    Win-8 here, struggled – gave up – not forever tho, waiting for yet another date

  8. SmallOne says:

    There is a solution now, although it does one way (yahoo to outlook) sync only, you can now sync outlook with yahoo contacts and calendars using evo collaborator for outlook

    it syncs outlook with yahoo contact and calendar using carddav and caldav protocols

  9. Manager says:

    If you “export” Yahoo
    contacts to hard drive in csv format to later “import” to Outlook, will
    the contacts be deleted from the Yahoo mail server? Or will the contacts
    be accessible in both locations?

  10. jill says:

    doesnt work because the sync field on top (contacts or calendar) is greyed out and not accessible.

  11. Thomas Van Dijk says:

    I tried out the plug-in suggested by SmallOne in these comments from 2014. Seems EVO Collaborator for Outlook has advanced a bit in that 1 year as well. It worked very well for me and solved my syncing problems. Didn’t take me much time either. Would recommend.