2 Useful Offline Dictionary Apps for your Android Phone

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dictionaryThe possibilities of a dictionary coming in handy at times are endless. Think about the times when you didn’t understand a specific word.. could have been while reading a book, watching something on the TV or may be in a conversation.. remember that sudden urge to pounce on a dictionary and know what that damn word meant?

Turning the pages to look up for a word is now a thing of the past. The world has moved on from ink and pages to computers and smartphones. While there are many online and offline dictionaries available for computers, what are the odds that you find one while the word’s still in your head? Fairly low.

So today we will see two offline dictionaries you can install on your Android phone, and use them whenever and wherever you require them. (Image Credit: General Wesc)

You must be thinking as to why I am stressing on the word “offline” here. The reason is, most of the dictionaries available on the Play Store need network connectivity to search for the word, and I hate that dependency on the Internet for looking up a word. These two dictionaries, once installed on your device, will work seamlessly whether or not the phone’s connected. So let’s have a look.

WordWeb English Dictionary


I have been using WordWeb Dictionary on my computer for years, and it’s been quite a smooth ride. When it comes to dictionary, thesaurus and synonyms, one can always rely on it. Now that the dictionary is available for Android device, you can carry it in your pockets wherever you go.

The application is around 22 MB in size as it comes bundled with the word database but the application has App2SD support and rooted devices can save some space after all. After you download the application from the Google Play store, the first time you launch the application it will optimize the database for your device and as soon as it’s complete, your WordWeb dictionary on Android should be ready for use.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (2)

Searching a word is very straightforward, and the best thing is that the app gives you feedback in real-time about the potential words that can be formed with your search query. If you have accidentally mistyped a word, the app will suggest you almost similar words.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (9)Android Offline Dictionary Apps (10)

The dictionary returns not only the meaning of the words but also provides synonyms and antonyms, which are represented by some special symbols. You can have a look for the meaning of the symbols and control them using the app settings. The app also allows you to add words as bookmarks so that you can refer to them later easily.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (13)Android Offline Dictionary Apps (6)

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Though it’s an offline dictionary, you can do an extended search for a word on Wiki and other online references as long as you are connected to the internet.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (14)

If you are looking for a complete English dictionary and thesaurus for your Android that you can refer to while you are offline then WordWeb is probably your best bet.

However, if you are looking for a multi-lingual dictionary, Offline dictionaries is another great offline dictionary app.

Offline Dictionaries

offline dictionaries

Though Offline dictionary is an app for Android, I would term it as a portal. The app is basically a door to many multi-lingual dictionaries out there. The download size of the main is just some KBs but after you install it, the app will give you list of choices for the dictionaries you can download and use. There are many dictionaries available in many languages and all you need to do is, download each one you require individually.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (1)Android Offline Dictionary Apps (4)

You might have to download some additional font support for foreign languages from the program preferences.

Quick Tip: Check out these websites that help you correctly pronounce foreign names.

After you download the dictionary, you will have to select the dictionary you want to search for and then proceed. The results may vary with dictionaries and but they are reliable. The app also speaks out the word along with its meaning.

Android Offline Dictionary Apps (18)Android Offline Dictionary Apps (20)

The app comes with some adverts, but you can go for the paid app to have them removed.


So go ahead and download these offline dictionaries on your Android device. Time to finally put your smartphone to learn something useful (language and vocab in this case).

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  1. Ramasamy Zephyr says:

    what about merriman webster dictionary.

  2. priyanka says:

    thanks alot…:)

  3. Arun says:

    Thx for pointing out WordWeb

  4. Good informative post

  5. vikas says:

    download link kha hai ???

  6. FlexiDict is better

  7. sir, the best feature of wordweb is that u can search any word in any applicaion just by a shortcut..is it available in any androird dictionary. i really missing this facility…

  8. Richard Lee says:

    Word Learn Dictionary lets you not only look those words up, it really helps you retain those words! Check it out :)

  9. artisan1253 says:

    Thank you so much. You’re the reason I turned to the net today. I don’t need a list of the top 10 or 20 dictionary apps for Androids. I needed a list of 2 or 3 and reasons they are that good. You even taught me about “offline” dictionaries. Just what I needed and explained in simple terms. Thanks again & keep up the good work.

  10. Himalay Patel says:

    if you have any website for english to gujarati dictionary?

  11. zoideep says:


  12. rm says:

    This is great also with 140 000 words in English and 5 other language.

  13. RustyRiley says:

    The BEST offline dictionary these days is from Dictionary.com BUT itho it’s excellent, it’s also comparatively huge (136Mb compared to WordWeb’s much smaller size) — biggest problem is that it doesn’t permit App2SD so chews up your phone’s internal storage — TOO much IMHO

  14. mrinal says:

    I think you should also include English Dictionary – Offline, it’s only 15mb and yes it’s free too. It is best dictionary that you can have if you have limited internal memory.

    • Sau Empty says:

      thanks a lot bro. you did great job posting that comment. also it has pronounciation thingy unlike word web

  15. Rose says:

    Please do not give wrong info to those who are learning English. Wordweb is a free application but it is not so good compared to dictionaries like Merriam-Webster. I teach English and I have found wordweb explanations pretty substandard and confusing for those who are not good at english. The problem with some bloggers is that they don’t even understand what to look for in an dictionary. If you are not good at English language then you must be extra careful while writing such reviews It is not about quantity but about quality. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it is good or the best.

    • I find it amusing that someone who teaches English doesn’t posses the skill to read carefully. We haven’t said Wordweb is as good as Merriam-Wesbter anywhere in the post. The point of this post was to stress on ‘offline’ dictionary apps, something you can quickly use to ‘get an idea’ about the meaning of a word when your phone cannot connect to the internet. The title doesn’t say best dictionaries for Android but useful offline dictionaries for Android. Next time, maybe you should read first before making an accusation.