How to Stream Videos From Computer to Android Over Wi-Fi

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Few days back, when I discussed about 5 Chrome add-ons that can really enhance your YouTube experience, I mentioned how YouTube videos help me in cooking and other such household activities. Now the thing is, as I am a novice when it comes to the art of cooking, I need step-by-step assistance while making a particular recipe.

The worst part –  I am on a limited internet connection and thus I download and save these videos to my laptop. Taking the laptop to the kitchen (especially when the cook is someone like me) is not always a great idea. Of course, I can use my Android to see the videos while cooking but copying one video after another on SD card everyday is not feasible either.


The best solution to the aforementioned problem was to stream the videos from computer to Android. In this process, the videos are still on your computer’s hard disk, but you can buffer and see them on your Android via Wi-Fi. We are going to use a free app called Emit to do the task. So let’s see how it’s done.

Cool Tip: If your home is not Wi-Fi enabled, you could create a Wi-Fi router out of your laptop. Check out our guide on how you can turn your Laptop to a Hotspot.

Steps to Stream Videos From Computer to Android

Step 1: Make sure both your computer and droid is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and then download and install Emit App on your Android and the Emit server on your computer. The Emit app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Step 2: Run the Emit server on your computer and check Server Running option to start Emit.  Click on the Add Dir button to add the folders that contain your video you want to stream on your Android. If you want to share your iTunes Library, check the corresponding option.

emit for windows

Step 3: Take a note of the local Wi-Fi IP address you are connected to. The easiest way to know your computer’s local IP address is using the ipconfig command on the command prompt.

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Step 4: Now launch the Emit app on your Android device. If you are lucky, the app will be able to add your computer as a server automatically but if that doesn’t happen, press your phone’s setting soft key and select Add Server to do the task manually. Further select Local Server and enter your computer’s Wi-Fi address. The name of the computer can be any alias that will help you remember which computer you are connecting to. This helps when you have servers running on more than one computer.

Emit Video Streaming for Android (6)Emit Video Streaming for Android (4)

Note: If your app is not able to connect to your computer, please check if a firewall is blocking the network access of Emit.

Step 5: Once you are connected to your computer, the app will list all the folders that are shared by the server. Now just navigate to your video and touch it to play.

Emit Video Streaming for Android (2)Emit Video Streaming for Android (1)

The videos will play like it’s playing from your SD card but when you try to forward or rewind the video you may encounter some delay(for buffering). If you are using the ad-supported version, you can see some ads in the menu and on videos but if you like the app you may go for the pro version and enjoy your videos ads-free.

Emit Video Streaming for Android (8)

My Verdict

Emit is an excellent video streaming app for Android. The app supports live streaming, and thus you don’t have to wait until the full video buffers for you. It played almost all the common video files (few with embedded subtitles) without any glitches and loss in quality.

That’s what I think about Emit, but I would certainly love to know your views and how it worked out for ya. Android users, try it out and comment.

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  • Saurabh Mukhekar

    Great tip bro.Now I will give my android to my sister,so that she will watch movies on my android.& I will do my computer work :)

    • Ashish Mundhra

      That’s a nice idea !!

  • ujjwal

    Great Article…Thanks For Helping..

  • Mahesh

    no use for me… wen played video.its showing buffering.please wait….. for more than an half an hour and iam still waiting to play a video…. so just no use.. i can play stream videos thru es file explorer..thru wifi ..

    • saurabhgoswami

      Using it on Wifi ?

      • beefer

        es file explorer was exactly what i needed thanks

        • beefer

          Hmm the streaming works Great on my S2X 4.03 but wont work on my 10.1 Tab 3.2……. lame might have to wait untill the ics update comes out for the tab.

        • Sandy

          how i can permit my computer to share data

    • Jeffrey Patrick Lui

      I’m also experiencing that problem over wifi. Have you figured it out?

  • saurabhgoswami

    Installing it Now, Figures Crossed !!

  • just a russian

    that mad stupid install sh*t on your PC pass there i a simpler way that comparable with everything that has android on it

  • vishal

    Doesn’t has the option to change video player, uses its own default player which is a bad thing. I was thinking of mx player to play the videos.

  • Reetam Das

    Hi, Thanks for the post…Works out well for me. Just one question. I am not using wifi to connect, rather my 3g connection which is tethered to my laptop; does that essentially mean that this process consumes my data because I have a limited data plan you see.

    Not sure if that’s a silly question by I am curious to find out the answer.

  • Pat Coyle

    Thanks buddy for the tutorial, works like a charm !

  • Alton de Jesus

    Worked well for me. ThankS!

  • blazzer1212

    It’s working good. But the seeking is a bit lagging in speed. It would be great if they fixed it.

  • Andreja Ivkovic

    it work just fine i set it up from first time i like it.I was looking something like this one thanks

  • vk

    its showing server not available …please help

  • indianninja

    Spalshtop works too

  • lightcycle

    EASY TO SETUP AND WORKED STRAIGHT AWAY… thing though… how do you stop the ads from the corner of screen ?

  • SSyar


  • chavesfop

    Working in Windows + Cubieboard 2 + Android :) Thanks

  • Ran

    I wonder, I connected to my pc (win7) using ES Explorer. Then’ tried to locate Emit using “Share”. Many applications, including MX Player, show. EMIT DOESN’T.