How to Access and Work With Google Docs on Desktop With IDrive Connect

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Featured-ImageThough there are many cloud storage services in the market, I still love using Google Docs for storing documents. No doubt, it offers a great deal of features and tools to work with those documents even online. The best part is that it gives us the freedom to access, edit, save, share and do a lot more with our documents without downloading them.

However, it isn’t the same amount of fun when we have to navigate and search or move documents from one folder to another. IDrive Connect bridges this difficulty by providing a Windows Explorer like interface for Google Docs.

It creates a virtual drive (drive E as shown in the image below) for the contents of Google Docs and shows them in the same configuration as they would appear on the web interface. With this service it becomes a lot easier to navigate and perform inter-movement of files (within the drive and from local).


Once you have installed the application you will need to activate the tool and create a virtual drive by logging into your Gmail account. Choose a drive letter as shown in the image below.


It will take some time to connect and build the directories. When the process completes the tool goes on to reside in the system tray and shows a connection success message.


Using IDrive Connect

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Setting up of stuff is done. Now you may navigate to the newly created virtual drive and start accessing Google Docs through an enhanced interface which indeed is quite similar to the Windows Explorer. You may perform activities like drag and drop too.

Contents-In Drive

The image shows the Windows interface for the tool. You must have also noticed some unusual options in the ribbon which aren’t part of the Windows Explorer interface. Cut, Copy, Paste require no explanation. Refresh (as the name suggests) refreshes the list and contents of the drive to bring it in sync with Google Docs.

The best part is that you may share documents right from the local. Select a document that you wish to share and hit the Share button to launch the sharing dialog. Enter the mail addresses to send them mail notifications. You may also choose to activate Edit  access.


Yet again it may interest you that searching through the contents has been made easier. The Search button shows up a decent way to find what you need quickly.


To add to the entire adventure you may make a backup with IDrive’s own storage. It allows you to take up to 1 GB of backup which is same as the space of the virtual drive.


Though there is word that Google Drive is close to be released, we do not know exactly what it’s going to be. Till then you may try IDrive Connect and enjoy your documents on your local desktop with a better interface.

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