How to Quickly Transfer Photos Between Facebook, Google+ and Flickr

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When it comes to online sharing of photos, most of the user activity is centered around Facebook, and photo sharing sites like Flickr, along with Google+ (Picasa) being the latest platform for it. Most of us tend to use multiple services to share photos, and we end up using more time and internet bandwidth to upload same set of photos across all the websites. Not convenient at all.

Would it be nice if you could simply upload the photos to one service and transfer them to other in less time and without the loss of any extra bandwidth?

social photos

Social Photos is a simple online tool that makes photo transfer between Google+, Facebook and Flickr a quick drag and drop business. I know you are probably excited to see how it works, so let me not waste any more of your time and get to the point.

When you visit the Social Photos home page, you will see three boxes each dedicated to one of the above photo-sharing services. To get started, you will have to login to at least two of the services. Social Photos will not be able to see or store your password. You will be taken to the respective page where you can authorize your account.

login to facebook, flickr, google plus

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Once you authorize the accounts, the tool will load all the albums you have uploaded. You can now simply drag and drop the albums from one box to another to transfer the photos. Social Photos will tell you that the transfer may take some time depending upon the server speed but in my case, it was lightning fast. To select individual photos, simple click on the album to expand it.



Once the transfer is complete, I recommend you take a look at the album permissions. All the albums I transferred from Facebook to Picasa (Google+) were saved as public albums, and thus I had to change the permissions to friends-only manually.

tranfer progress

All in all, the tool is pretty amazing and there is nothing I found worth complain about. With this tool, I could transfer many albums from Facebook to Picasa in no time at all. Especially helpful for the ones who use a connection that offers limited bandwidth.

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  1. (hope this isn’t a duplicate. last try didn’t show up.)

    Wow. I was excited to find your article and the Social Photos tool. I
    was disappointed to find that the link you provided is AWOL. Going to the vanilla domain name gives the following page:

    It works!

    This is the default web page for this server.

    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.


  2. Dave Waghorn says:

    This is great, but having to log in to the destination platform afterwards to change the album’s permissions from public to my trusted friends/circles somewhat defeats the object.

    • Dave Waghorn says:

      The remedy is to limit the app’s permissions to the trusted Facebook friends – assuming you’re always going to share with the same select group. Works well for me.

  3. Alex says:

    Did not work for me — linked to my Flickr photos but only shows individual photos and not SETS… so looks like I would need to drag over one photo at a time to Google+.

  4. I was just using this yesterday and now the URL isn’t working or isn’t loading. Did the service go down? Anyone have a clue, or did it move somewhere else?

  5. Pi.Pe from Pixelpipe do the same and works most the time i used it

  6. Woody says:

    it’s just ok, not great. transferring from G+ makes the resolution on facebook is worse than the already-crappy resolution if you had loaded it yourself. not sure why they did that since the G+ photos are hi-res.

  7. lopen says:

    Social photos is down too… :(

  8. LeeH says:

    Social photos doesn’t work for me on several computers. All it does is spin for hours, telling me it’s going to take time.