How to Add a Life Event to Your Facebook Timeline (and Why You Should)

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Facebook did a complete makeover with the introduction of the Facebook Timeline. Our Facebook pages haven’t been the same since. The large banner like image dominates, and then your “life story” follows. The timeline is resting place for all your memorable posts, photos, events…all arranged in a reverse chronological order. Admittedly, you have to scroll quite a few feet down to view your early years, but at times the trip is worth it just for the nostalgia.

In a later update, Facebook also brought in Timeline Apps which allows you to share a lot more like books, movies, travel spots etc. All for the goal of social interactivity. But we are getting slightly ahead here, because this simple post is meant to show you how to add a life event to your Facebook Timeline.

Go Back In Time and Add Life Events

Facebook has now made it dead easy to go back in time and add momentous life events to your Facebook Timeline. It’s a simple few clicks affair. Here’s how:

Log into your Facebook profile and go to the Timeline. You will see the link for Life Event just alongside the Status update box. Clicking on it displays the following options:

Life events are arranged around the different categories of your life like categories and sub-categories. For instance, clicking on Home & Living opens up these options…

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Click on any one you want to update, and fill in the details. This is just like a status update (but in retrospective). You can add photos, enter a brief story as a description, and control who gets to see it.

The life event now gets added to your timeline for your friends to see and comment on the update. Just like any other timeline event, you can choose to edit or hide the event.  There are nearly 5 main sections and over 40 more within them that help to cover all the areas of your life.

Why you should add a life event?

It’s simply about telling your story and sharing it with the friends in your social network. Life events are cool if you want to add all that happened in your life before you joined Facebook. Facebook has moved away from being just about status updates and likes to a life-capturing/journaling service. As time goes on, it could hold a stockpile of your life memories for you to get nostalgic about.

Like it or hate it?…give us your take on Facebook Timeline. Are you going to go back in time and let your circle know about the memorable events in your life?

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  • lotus

    there is not life event option

    • C.j. Todd

      yes, yes there is.

      • Jonquil Peed

        no there isnt